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Category — toilet training

Femdom Facesitting Phone Sex

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You know I have the perfect ass to smother your face with. One of the many ways to truly please your hot phone sex mistress is to entertain me with a little bit of facesitting. My ass worship slaves always get a reward but you better work for it. Obviously with an ass like this you’ll take anything I give you. Once you get a taste you won’t be able to say no. We both know know you’ll do anything to keep your fetish mistress happy.

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Dirty Anal Phone Sex to the max and extreme fuckers!

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So you want some max hardcore type of shit? ?Some really nasty perverted anal phone sex with a naughty twist? ?I got your twist baby, I got your twist RIGHT HERE! ?LOL. ?I am the queen of anal and one call with me will prove it :). ?I love really dirty anal type of sex, I’m talking “stick your dick in my muddy waters” kind of anal sex lol. ?You know your into it and you know you want it, in fact that is what you were searching for when you found me, isn’t it? ?Well I’ve got it here for ya and I am bent over with my fingers up my asshole just pounding into this hot tight little ass for you, I want your dick out, I want it inside of me. ?I need your dick and I need your fucking cum inside me ass. ?I’m going to push out and show you the inside of my ass, and rose bud that shit until your dick is so hard it is twitching. ?Then I will let you spread it open and look inside until your dick is jumping and at that point, I want your dick in my ass.



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Toilet Training Phone Sex with Marlow

toilet training phone sex

I had a call the other day with a guy who was new to toilet training phone sex, so I kinda went easy on him. But really, how easy can a Goddess go when she’s gotta shit, right? So I’m squatting over this loser’s mouth and telling him to french kiss my stink star. Soon he feels and tastes something bitter coming down the Hershey Highway.

“Gulp it down, toilet slave. Relish it. And then chase it down with some of my golden nectar!”

This ol’ boy also liked farts, so I gave him some fart domination. HAHA! “Breath in deeply while I fart, fart, fart all over your face and up your nose!” HAHAHA!

I’m sure he’ll be back for seconds, turds, and fourths!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

May 16, 2013   No Comments

Human toilet/Scat phone sex


I’m a firm believer in Female Supremacy, so I like to make sure that in every interaction I have with a man, he is fully aware that he is inferior to me.  In Femdom situations, my favorite way to do that is to use him as my own personal toilet.

I don’t mean I’m just going to sit on his face and pee on it a little.  Any idiot can take that.  I mean that I will use him as a full-service human toilet.  He will swallow my piss and my shit, and when he’s taken care of all that, he will use his tongue as toilet paper to make my shitty asshole nice and sparkling clean once again.

Too many men with a toilet play fetish think that a Mistress only needs them to act as a urinal.  Please.  If I just wanted to give some dude a golden shower, do you really think it’d be that hard to find someone to volunteer for the job?  There are men lined up at my door right now, hoping to get the chance to feel my sweet, golden nectar dripping off their disgusting bodies.  If you want to set yourself apart in some way, you’ll need to do better than that.

So, all you scat lovers and shit eaters, do you want to prove yourself to me?  Come and present yourself to me after I’ve had a big meal, and I’ll see what you’re made of!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-900-226-7979 Bill to phone
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1-888-247-0221 Evesdropping line
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

November 20, 2012   No Comments

fart and toilet worship cheap phone sex

Toilet worship is when youâ??re my toilet, understand?�  You open your big toilet bowl mouth, and Iâ??m going to put whatever I want into it.�  Iâ??ll piss on you, and youâ??re going to gulp down every last golden ounce of it.�  Maybe Iâ??ll fart up your nose and shit in your mouth.�  LOL!�  Swallow every last chuck oâ?? my chocolate from my fudge tunnel, toilet boy.�  You better thank me for my piss and shit and beg me for more because, after all, thatâ??s what toilet worship is all about!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
0-808-134-9931 UK callers
1-900-226-7979 Bill to phone

August 26, 2012   No Comments

Nasty No Limits Toilet Play Phone Sex

Hey filthy fetish phone sex pervs! Hayleigh here, your favorite big tit party girl phone sex slut! Maybe someone as bubbly and blonde as me looks like they would only be into lipgloss and shopping and petting puppies and that’s good and all but personally I love crazy kinky wild nasty extreme fetishes and no limits phone sex turns me the fuck on! The kinkiest fetishes I find myself getting totally wet to are toilet play phone sex Online Pokies. Scat fetishes, golden showers, toilet servitude and wild nasty brown lunch orgies for the dirtiest of the dirty! I’d totally love to hear your sickest fantasy and I’ll tell you a bit of the real life experience I’ve had with golden showers, torture, toilet boxes, forced wetting, messy fucking! Mmm, don’t be shy! I’m not! Now lets fuck…nasty, filthy and with no taboos ever! Call me for some hot kinky hardcore phone sex. Any fetish welcomed!



August 31, 2011   No Comments

Roxy the sick scat phone sex skank

perverted phone sex

Iâ??m such a twisted fuck that I get off on toilet play phone sex that involves scat.  The power I feel when I use you as my toilet just canâ??t be beat.  Itâ??s like a powerful drug, and I get as high as if I snorted some white.  Squatting over your open mouth and watching your face as I shit onyour face and in your mouth cracks me up, but it also shows me what a loser you are.  But itâ??s okay, youâ??re my little loser â?? my slaveâ?¦my toilet slave!  So when you call me for toilet play or scat phone sex, you better open your mouth wide and gulp down every single warm morsel I give you!


September 6, 2010   No Comments

Phone Sex Mistress Malin wants to punish and cut-off your balls!


You are going to lose those nuts as soon as you pick up that phone. Go ahead… try me. Pick up that phone and dial me. I will have you balls in a jar before you can dial ‘N’ for neutered. You think I am joking. You think I won’t have you nipped, tucked, and de-balled. That’s your mistake. So what are you waiting for, soon-to-be-nutless wonder? Call me and de-ball you!


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Freak Nasty Phone Sex with Kylie


Do you like to get real freaky naughty? I’m a freak nasty slut that loves to take it dirty and rough. I such a dirty freak that I am touching myself right now. My fingers are banging my pussy with each letter I type. I am thinking about your big hard cock just pounding away at my tight cunt. MMMMMM I want all your hot cum in me and after I suck your cum and my pussy from your cock… I want you to pound my ass all night long. So… are you ready to have some freak nasty fun?


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July 8, 2010   No Comments

Phone sex Mistress Malin rips you a new one!


Bend over, motherfucker! Spread those fucking ass cheeks! I going to fuck you until you gape and prolapse! I going to give you the most complete fucking you have ever had and when I am done reaming you… I am going to fistfuck you until you fucking cry!

Call now and drop trough, BITCH!



June 23, 2010   No Comments