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I'm sure not many of you have heard of speculum play, have you? Well, it just so happens that is exactly what I am in to. My sexual fetish is to have a guy take gyno tools and spread my pussy apart and then look inside of it. I like a guy to look very deep inside my pussy, all the way in to my cunt so he can watch me get wet. Open my pussy up with your fingers or the gyno tools and then look inside, watch my pussy contract as I cum all over inside my pussy, all over myself, dripping out on to my ass. My ass is another story! I have a huge turn on with being fucked so hard screwdriver style in my ass. Being in my head with my body up towards the ceiling so that you can fuck my asshole. Spit in that ass, open that ass up and spit in it, then stick your cock in my ass and fuck me as hard as you can, making me scream your name in pleasure. While your doing that I want you to spread my pussy hole apart and look inside of it, spitting in my cunt, and shoving a dildo in my gaping pussy hole. I love so many sexual fetish things.
I enjoy the fantasy of being video taped and fucked and to watch it over and over and over again while I masturbate for you. I really like orgies with parties of people. Theres nothing better than going to a party with some people and getting drunk then masturbating in front of everyone and then all of a sudden everyone starts fucking each other. I loves having my holes stuffed, all of them at the same time. Double penetration and cock division are the way I like being fucked. Oh fuck! I almost forgot my all time favorite fucking sessions. I love public sex, having sex out in the open at like a park or a dog walking place. Bending me over in front of a tree and fucking me as hard as you can, making me scream and cry out your name. Mmmm Public sex makes my pussy to wet and my clit so hard. I remember one time I actually got gang banged and I had it video taped so that I could watch myself being fucked from all ends. Not only did I enjoy it but I fucking masturbate to it constantly. Cream pie in my ass and in my pussy, I want so many cream pies running down my legs so I can lick it up and play with my wet and cummed in cunt. Call me names while you fuck me, piss on me, let me shit in your mouth, beastiliaty, I enjoy it all as long as it is fetish.

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