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Scat, bestiality, golden showers, weird insertions, anything weird or unusual is something I want to try! I love the sick and perverse, I love the sick fucking guys who shit inside my pink fuck hole and eat it out. I want to hear from people who have golden shower fetishes or want me to lick their dirty cum drizzled balls. Do you want to shove weird things in my pussy like a phone or a egg beater? I'm game! I want to spread your ass cheeks apart and lick that tight ass of yours before I fuck it with my dildo. I don't want your cum babe, I want buckets of cum! buckets of cum to be poured all over me and buckets of dirty cum to eat. like I said I'm into the perverse callers, the family play calls, golden showers, bukkake, and anything else you can think of. Remember my name when you call, and ask for Roxy. People are constantly asking me how did I get so weird or so fucking perverted, There is really no reason why but I guess if you had to blame something you could blame porn. I grew up watching porn and as time went on the normal things were boring and I grew curious about this nasty, kinky, and perverted shit like toilet play, cum dumpster, bukkki, cunt stretching, just being a total out and out nasy whore. People are always talking to me thinking that they can weird me out or come up with some sick fetish that I won't enjoy, it just so happens that won't happen. I fucking love everything and I enjoy hearing it all.
I once was asked why the hell I am so messed up and love the fetish freak stuff. Well first of all lets set the story strait, I'm not fucking messed up, I just enjoy fetish and freaky sex. I guess you could say that I blame my fetish love on porn. I started watching porn so young and enjoying it, getting turned on every time I watched it. Then as time went on the porn got boring so I went on a mission to find better pron, porn that would turn me on and make me wet. I found it in ageplay porn, golden showers, scat, and other things. I am always looking for just that much more taboo things to talk about and make my fetishes even sicker.

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