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I am Malin the Malicious... but you, worm, only get to call me Mistress! I love nothing more than punish small peckered loser fuck-holes like you. You disgusting little bitches disgust me! All men must be punished and some more than others. You little fucks that call me behind your wife's back, you little fist-fuckers stroking your pathetic 'clitorises', you cocky 'ladies men' who think you are so special... you I love to punish most of all. I will tear down that pathetic male fa├žade brick by prick and expose the spineless good-for-nothing worm you are... and that's only the start. You will die for a whiff of my cunt. You beg to lick my asshole clean after I leave a likeness of you in the toilet you will later lick clean. I will crack my whip and you and your pathetic cock will jump to attention like a fucking private the second time through boot camp! You will lick my boots clean and you will thank me every moment that you still have your worthless balls for me to use as a leash lead you around! Just pray I don't get out my needles! I am quite partial to my knots and I can tie a man up so tight that he will have to beg me to even breathe... and if he doesn't obey my every whims... I may just leave him tied until he turns blue... balls or otherwise. I do not care about you!!! You are nothing to me. You call me because you are pathetic. You call me because absolutely no one wants you. You call me because you have no where else to go. You are the unwanted, the worthless, the abused, the filth. My bowel movements have more charm than you fuckers could ever dream to muster.
Do you think you are worm enough to serve me? Be sure... be very sure, before you end up like my most worthless live-in slave, Pigfuck. Pigfuck thought 'it' was strong enough to serve me. 'It' thought it could keep it's little 'pigtail' under control. 'It' had never been more wrong in it's pathetic little life. Always coming in it's panties from abuse. Always flying it's little freak flag. Always trying to hump my leg. Strong women like me have a cure for such behavior and we have medical friends that are more than happy to play 'vet' on my 'farm' of perverted animals. So be warned... be warned of the consequences of not behaving. Be warned of pissing me off. Because you belong to me, every tiny bit of you. Don't make me 'trim' your pride because you can't manage to serve to my expectations. Still think you are worm enough? Well do you, piggy?
You know how lucky you are that I even pick up the phone and allow you to pay me to abuse your sorry ass. You will pick up that phone. Yu will call. You will pay me every pathetic penny of every ridiculous paycheck you make. I am your Goddess, your Mistress, your life, your very meaning for your disappointing existence. Call now, worm. I am feeling exceptionally cruel tonight.

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