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Hey sexy, I'm Kylie. I am a model and a legend in my own mind. I haven't eaten in 3 years and I live on a diet of cock and smack. I am the epitome of junkie chic. I am your own personal supermodel supermess. The only thing second to shooting up for me is your hot throbbing beef injection. If I am not nodding from my last fix, I am bouncing on your beefy dick. Fucking and getting fucked up is my life... and looking fucking gorgeous doing it. So are you holding? I mean anything other than that gorgeous cock??? Well, what the fuck... I haven't eaten in forever and if I don't swallow a shot of your cum I may just wither away. But I would love it if you were holding... zannies, ludes, OCs, rolls, screamers, laughers, uppers, downers??? Come on, Daddy! Break out your stash! Lets get high and fuck all night!!! You look clean so we don't need protection, just cum in my mouth or ass, I need the nutrition and I can't afford to get pregnant. You sure you aren't holding??? Come on, I'll suck your dick for a bump!
You should come over with your kit. I light the candle and we can get our fix and bask in bliss for a bit. I could unbutton your shirt kissing your chest. working my way down to your pants, you won't need them. I'll suck your cock as you cook our gear. Once you're hard and our shots are hot I'll tie you off as I ride your cock. You'll feel my dripping wet hot tight pussy wrapped around your spike like the tourniquet around your arm. I'll slap your vein as I pump your pole. I'll ride you till you cum and right as you are about to give me your hot beef injection I'll spike your vein and give you my own injection and really get you off. After your blitz'd and bliss'd I'll shoot up myself and lay in your arms with your cum dripping out of my stoned and boned cunt. Mmmmm so lover... wanna get your rocks off with me??? Just give me a wink and a call and we will be snorting lines in the ladies room before I can powder my nose!

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