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Posts from — February 2010

Glory hole phone sex with a submissive cunt

fetish phone sex

I’ve had this fantasy for weeks now, and I’m wondering who is going to help me role play it.

I want a age play/forced role play where you force me to go to a glory hole and teach me all about cock and sex and why little sluts like me should get used to being fucked like whores.  Maybe you even force me to call you daddy…hmmm.

We get to the glory hole and I beg daddy not to take me in the back where I see lines and lines of guys waiting for me.  Daddy takes me anyway…oh daddy you do such dirty things to me!!

I get to the back where there has to be at least 20 cocks there to please, I line my mouth up to the glory hole and I suck really good and hard like daddy told me too, while daddy gets my pussy.

Mmmm, I’ve been just dying to do this role play!!  Someone has to be into it too :).



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I want that BBC to rape this little white cunt…taboo phone sex

fetish phone sex

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I love BBC, and one of the best things about BBC is the fact that they have all control over me!  They have control over this little white cunt AND asshole.  I am a slave to big black cock :), it feels so good going in and out of me, mmmm I find myself wanting more and more of it, becoming addicted to black dick.  Mmmm and all you little tiny dicked guys out there who want to join me, feel free!!  I want to become a whore with you by my side doing everything I do to black cock.  I am a true whore, are you?

BBC phone sex and cuckolding


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K9 Phonesex with Hayley!


I remember the first time I ever had a dog fuck me. I had just gotten out of the shower and was wet and naked reaching for my socks that were under my bed. He came up behind me and started licking me. It felt so good I couldn’t make him stop, but before I knew it he had mounted me and was shoving his big hard cock all the way in me. I couldn’t get away from him so I had to just stay there on my knees and take it. I couldn’t believe how much cum poured out when he finally pulled out. EVER SINCE THEN… I HAVE WANTED IT MORE AND MORE!




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More Gloryhole Phonesex with Your Titian Vixen Kylie!


I see you licking your lips as you are lead by leash to the booths. You know what you want and you know I want you to want it. You look adorable wearing my lipstick and panties. Such a proper little whore, the kind that gets all $10 for her blowjobs. Are you ready to get on your knees for me? Are you ready to taste all that anonymous cock poking through the hole? I am here to lead the way. I am here to cheer you on. Are you ready???

Pucker up, Sweetheart




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