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I grew up in NY, where style reigns and the hottest girls live. I guess you could say I was a young punk rocker who envied the 50's gorgeous style along with todays punk fashion. That's why I started a fashion career in NY and ended up in Cali during the summer of 2003. I must say I was quite impressed with California and what they had to offer, it was completely different down there. The fashion shows where much more du'nedigo (Sophisticated Fashion Porn basically). They would have after parties where the models where hired to be completely nude and walk around talking to people, or stand as statues throughout the whole party. It was quite interesting and I guess that is where my whole fetish world began. I had an infatuation with the human body and wanting to fuck or do weird fetish things. It started out with hiring hookers and exploring lesbian sex then went to much much more. I hired an escort once who really got my world spinning. She would fist herself, squirt, bukakki, cum eating, piss hole insertions, and whoring. I started going with her on her escort adventures. Stretching my cunt for groups of guys to stand around and watch. Ass stretching, Bella would stretch my asshole and have guys cum inside of my asshole until it was completely filled up. Next thing you know I'm whoring myself out like her for the sheer fun of it, giving shows to guys. I never let them fuck me but they would watch me stick weird shit in my cunt, put writing pens in my piss hole and loving all the fetish fucking I learned previously.

I love being a psychotic GFE! Getting you to have hard feelings for me and acting normal long enough to make you think I am just a normal girlfriend. Then as time goes on I start to act out, start to do weird things like cum on your face, sticking your cock in my ass, not getting off of you when you cum, tying you up. Then it gets worse, I show up at your window late at night to watch you sleep, fuck you psychotically, ask you where you have been when you get home, steal the key to your house, tie you up for days and fuck you like crazy. I know you enjoy it though and if you try to break it off with me, hee hee I will just stock you until I find myself a new victim.

Piss hole insertions and fucking
Ass and pussy stretching
Weird pussy and ass insertions
Whoring myself

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