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I have such a young and cute voice, guys who call me are always thinking I'm way younger than what I am. I'm 18 but I realllly like to play so much younger! I love to be that submissive teen for your dick pleasure, allowing you to use me any way you choose. I love bending over for you, allowing you to enter my pussy at any time, fucking me raw and bareback. Fucking me as hard and heavy as you want. In fact, put my little teen ass in a cage with my pussy hanging out while you fuck me, and cum inside my pussy. Invite your friends over and have me on the floor with my hands behind my back, butt naked, with my head bowed to you while you show your friends how powerful you are over me and slap my face. I love face slapping, there is nothing I can think of that is more degrading than that. Slapping my face and using my pussy. Abusing my body for your pleasure and to get your dick off. I enjoy being that whore, for you to fuck and please your cock with. It is really the only thing that matters to me, your dick pleasure. I can be that young and tight school girl who teases you beyond your control so you can pick me up from a event and take me to your house to fuck me in your basement, and blackmail me so that I have no choice but to fuck you more and more. What about that slutty little tease that plays with your daughter, or that babysitter you have been wanting to fuck for a while. I can be it all

Dick pleasure
Cock sucking
Ass and pussy gaping
Ass fucking/hard fucking
Cream pie
Whoring me out
Babysitter play
Girl next door
Ass rape

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