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Category — Hardcore Humiliation

Goddess needs a human ashtray, so get on your knees

Smoke floats through the air as I release it from my lungs. My human ashtray is on his knees in front of me, waiting to be used. His purpose is simple: stick out his tongue and leave it there so I can enjoy my cigarette. He doesn?t speak, he doesn?t move, and he doesn?t dare close his mouth. I take another deep drag and as I blow out the smoke I move the cigarette until it?s just over his tongue and give it a light tap. The ash falls onto his tongue and immediately the acrid taste makes him cringe. His cock is hard though, because nothing turns him on more than being a subby human ashtray for his goddess.

USA: 1-888-854-8836
UK: 0-808-101-2271

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Tessa gags on huge cock


I gave my client the best orgasm of his life, I had a pool in my panties by the end of it! He called me and said he wanted me to suck his big, fat dick. So I did. I put in my mouth and started sucking it. When he was about to cum, I stopped and took it out of my mouth. Then started again, deepthroated it and as he wanted to cum, I stopped again. I did this a few more times, fucking his dick with my mouth harder every time and by the seventh time, I let him finish.



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Tiny titty torture phone sex

taboo teen phone sex

Hi there! My name is Shelby and I have tiny little titties that guys love to grab and play with, every once in a while I get a dominate guy who wants to go further than just grabbing and playing with them. That is why I am a part of this site, it is so extreme and taboo, all the calls here are really naughty and dirty, right up my alley! The way it should be! So when I get calls with guys who want to torture my tiny tits with knives and safety pins, of course I am going to be right on board!



UK 0-808-101-2271

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extreme fetish and taboo UK toll free phone sex line with US girls

taboo teen phone sex

Want to talk about anything you want? ?But can’t find a good taboo and extreme line to call because you are from the UK? ?Well, now you have a line to call, toll free, where you can get a US taboo hottie on the line to talk real nasty to. ?I just got off the phone with a UK caller who loves age play, he wanted me to play a young virgin and he ravaged my body! ?He said that you can’t get phone sex like that in the UK, so call us and we will get you off!


0-808-101-2271 (UK fetish line 1.30 pm)

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Extreme CBT castration fantasy


I received quite the call the other day! ?It was probably one of my favorite fantasies. ?Can you guess what it is? ?Yep, your right! ?Castration! ?I love talking about castration and extreme CBT and I can promise you that you will enjoy your call with me. ?I talked to T the other day about this exact subject and he was so excited for me to have his balls wrapped around my neck. ?He loves it when I get really detailed and humiliate him and treat him like garbage while I fiddle with his dick and balls. ?I love to call him names and make him feel bad about himself also.



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CBT Phone sex with Mistress Marlow!

cbt phone sex


CBT Phone sex, is that what you are looking for? ?To get your dick and balls fucked the hell out by a pretty dominate girl like myself? ?Because if that is what you are looking for then I would be glad to give it to you! ?Oh yes, you got that right! ?I LOVE to fuck up dick and balls, really bad, so stupid pricks like yourself! ?The funny thing is that most men think that the only kind of guy that is getting his dick and balls fucked up is the kind of guy with a small dick, but that simply isn’t true. ?I have one specific guy that I enjoy to fuck up and he has quite a big cock! ?Oh yes, we get on cam together and I watch him beat his dick and balls up really hardcore, then I make him lock it up because he isn’t allowed to masturbate unless I give him permission too. ?Mmmm I love talking to that little submissive piggy!

Mistress Marlow

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Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex with Marlow

extreme humiliation phone sex

Bend over, bitch, because here it comes. Time for Marlow’s extreme humiliation phone sex. I hope you have some insertions handy, maybe even some enemas. (snort) Yep, time to clean your sorry ass up and what better way than an enema? Plus, it’s super humiliating to have to insert an enema in your asshole and have me order you to NOT shit until I tell you to. Ha ha!

Squirm while your belly gurgles for me, my pathetic humiliation puppet. Squirm and then when I say, you’ll let it all out, exploding your shit into the toilet. I’ll laugh my hot curvy ass off while you’re emptying yours in the most humiliating way. LOL!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

May 30, 2013   No Comments

Toilet Training Phone Sex with Marlow

toilet training phone sex

I had a call the other day with a guy who was new to toilet training phone sex, so I kinda went easy on him. But really, how easy can a Goddess go when she’s gotta shit, right? So I’m squatting over this loser’s mouth and telling him to french kiss my stink star. Soon he feels and tastes something bitter coming down the Hershey Highway.

“Gulp it down, toilet slave. Relish it. And then chase it down with some of my golden nectar!”

This ol’ boy also liked farts, so I gave him some fart domination. HAHA! “Breath in deeply while I fart, fart, fart all over your face and up your nose!” HAHAHA!

I’m sure he’ll be back for seconds, turds, and fourths!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

May 16, 2013   No Comments

Scat and Toilet Fetish Phone Sex with Marlow

I’m laughing my royal ass off! I just got off the phone with a sick and twisted guy who wanted scat and toilet fetish phone sex. He wanted me to instruct him on how to play with his shit, which he just delivered onto a plate as he called me. LOLOL! Now talk about hitting the ground running! He was totally ready for our sick and very dirrrrrty play.

I fucking love it when a loser plays with his shit for me! I told him to take one of his turds and pretend it was a tube of lipstick – you know, so he could get some brown lips for a shit eating grin. LOLOL! I instructed him on plenty of other twisted and gross things, but I won’t spoil the fun for those of you who have scat fantasies and playing with your shit. You’ll just have to give me a call soon and find out what gross things I’ll make you do with it!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

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2 girl call fetish pervert phone sex with Brittany and Shelby

Someone is due for a beat down, and it looks like that someone is going to be you!  I’ve been eyeballing you for a while now.  See I have a teen daughter that you have been looking at.  I see you from your window looking at my daughter walking to and from the bus stop, I see you looking at her when she goes out to get the mail in her little mini skirt.  Little do I know that my daughter has been doing all these things to turn you on, but still, as a mother, I have to put an end to this.  It’s night time, and my daughter comes home, as she walks in, I see you outside smoking.  I walk my ass over there with my daughter and confront you.  We start beating your ass and while we do, you pull your dick out and start jacking off.  You fucking nasty pervert!  Even while we are beating your ass and humiliating you, you crouch over stroking your dick!  I guess maybe next time I’ll have to cut it off!

Brittany and Shelby

January 19, 2013   No Comments