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Posts from — April 2013

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Marlow

human ashtray objectification phone sex

I am smoking hot! Haha! Yeah, I take my smoking hotness literally sometimes by thoroughly manipulating those of you who have a smoking fetish. I light one up and blow smoke in your face – not once, not twice, but EVERY time I exhale. You’ll be coughing and sputtering, with your eyes watering, which will make me laugh my perfect ass off!

I’ll also require you to be my human ashtray, humiliating you and objectifying you even more. You try to speak, but I just flick some more ashes into your stupid pie hole. That’s what it’s there for anyway – to be used by me. Your mouth certainly isn’t there to express your opinion. Haha!

No, human ashtray, you are here to be my smoking fetish slave. So inhale deeply of my cigarette smoke and open wide. I have a ciggie to stub out on your tongue. Are you ready????????????

Puff puff,

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April 23, 2013   No Comments

Bukkake Phone Sex Whore

Extreme Phonesex

Want to hear a secret?
I’m a very bad girl.
I want to be the star of a bukkake phone sex circle jerk.
I’m playing with my tight twat right now, fingerbanging my pussy, thinking about being in a bukkake circle.
I know when I’m down on my knees, begging for you to shoot your load all over my face, the only thing that would make my barely legal pussy wetter would be for you to have your friends join in, all those cocks slapping me and jacking their hot loads of cum all over my face!
Squirt that load of cum in my face, jizz in my hair, nut on my titties, I want more!
Me sucking cock after cock with that hot little barely legal mouth, cum dripping out of that little pussy and cummy shithole, my hands full of dick, while I take a cum facial!

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April 22, 2013   No Comments

Dildo Training Phone Sex with Glory

dildo training with femdom

One of my sissy sluts was wanting to become even more of a sissy, but she had never stuck anything up her pussy before. WHAT!?! No way! I was shocked because she had said she played with her ass several times before. She said she lied because she didn’t want to disappoint me, but now that she’s gotten to know me much better, she didn’t want to keep any secrets from me.

She was also really afraid of sticking her dildo up her ass, and I can understand that. So we decided she’d call me back in a couple days for some special dildo training phone sex when she had more privacy and more time. I also told some things to do before she called to help relax her and get her in the mood.

Luckily she had a trio of dildos of various sizes, so I told her I was only going to have her use the thinnest one for our first session. I’m very happy to report that she can’t wait to “graduate” on to the next size and, who knows, she might order a couple more dildos in even thicker widths! I love turning out sissies!


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April 17, 2013   No Comments

Humiliation Phonesex with a Bratty Teen

That’s just what you are.
A loser who wants a bratty phonesex princess like me to ruin you.
To make you beg to sniff my hot little ass.
To make you beg for a pair of my dirty stained panties so you can make piggy snorts while you bury your face in dirty pussy juice.
To beg to lick my dirty feet.
Let’s pretend that it’s the vodka talking, that you worship me because I make you indulge in forced intox phonesex, that you just might have a chance with this bratty phonesex princess, loser.
I’ll sit in your lap, let you rub my leg while I overserve you, and let you think you have a chance with a girl like me.
Until you pull out that little dick.
Then I am really going to let loose with the small penis humiliation, loser!
And you’ll want me even more!

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April 14, 2013   No Comments

Bondage Phone Sex with Marlow

bondage and bdsm phone sex

I admit it’s hard to do bondage play during phone sex. The best kind of bdsm play is, of course, in person. But some of you guys don’t have play partners in real life, which is a pity. Then again, it means I get to have loads of fun with you subbies!

With my bondage sluts, we make the best of the situation. I usually have them tie up their cock and balls for me. I keep them bound up that way until they’re begging for mercy. Then I stretch out the bondage time even more cuz I’m crazy sadistic like that. You see, I really want you to have blue balls!!!!!!!!!! Muhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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April 9, 2013   No Comments

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Glory

tease and denial phone sex

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Glory

Mmmm mmmm goooooddddddd! I love me a hard and drippy and swollen cock that’s been denied for hours after a long guided masturbation phone tease. Along with that desperately purple cock are a couple tight, heavy and blue balls that I want to squeeze! As I squeeze, I know you’d yell out as the pain sends waves throughout annasophia robb lil pokies your body. Then again, at the same time, you’d be so turned on that I’m finally touching your balls that are now MINE!

Mm, should I massage my balls, or maybe I should stroke MY cock?? Decisions, decisions. Although there is one decision I’ve already made: no cummies for you during our tease and denial phone session!


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April 5, 2013   No Comments

Male Slavery Phone Sex with Marlow

female supremacy phone sex

Be a slave to Marlow’s pussy

You are such a weak man…Oops, I can’t really call you a “man” without laughing a little bit. You’re nothing but a weak boy, ruled by My glorious pussy power. That’s the way it is with all males…they’re ruled by those insignificant dangling bits of skin hanging down between their legs. It certainly sucks to be you, but that’s why Female Supremacy is so natural…so easy for you to get on board with.

Deep down…maybe not so deep down…you know that you need to worship a Goddess like Me. You know you’re nothing but a slave and you yearn to find someone who gets off on male slavery. Oh, ye of little intelligence, believe Me, I do. I AM supreme over your stupid and pathetic self. And you…you are My newest slave…my newest acquisition. It’s time for your training, so let’s start RIGHT NOW!


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April 3, 2013   No Comments