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Category — humiliation

Melina gets her face fucked so hard she pukes on the floor


I had a call yesterday where the guy told me that I was a hole for his cock, to be used for his pleasure. Yes sir! He was rough with me, and he slapped me around. Then he tossed me down on the bed, and mounted me, forcing his cock into my mouth so he could fuck my face. He mercilessly fucked my mouth like it was another pussy. All the time commenting on how pretty my face was, and what a mess he was going to make of it. I struggled to breathe as I gagged around his cock, with black tears of mascara running down the sides of my head. Then he shot his creamy load all over my face. Without another word, he left. I had fulfilled my purpose and now he was done.


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Tessa gags on huge cock


I gave my client the best orgasm of his life, I had a pool in my panties by the end of it! He called me and said he wanted me to suck his big, fat dick. So I did. I put in my mouth and started sucking it. When he was about to cum, I stopped and took it out of my mouth. Then started again, deepthroated it and as he wanted to cum, I stopped again. I did this a few more times, fucking his dick with my mouth harder every time and by the seventh time, I let him finish.



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Tiny titty torture phone sex

taboo teen phone sex

Hi there! My name is Shelby and I have tiny little titties that guys love to grab and play with, every once in a while I get a dominate guy who wants to go further than just grabbing and playing with them. That is why I am a part of this site, it is so extreme and taboo, all the calls here are really naughty and dirty, right up my alley! The way it should be! So when I get calls with guys who want to torture my tiny tits with knives and safety pins, of course I am going to be right on board!



UK 0-808-101-2271

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Daddy I Have A Pussy!


Daddy was always looking for a excuse to beat me, especially when mom was not around, it would be like 5 minutes after he left I would then expect a spanking. ?While he spanked me he would make me repeat that “All I am is a a young tight piece of pussy.” ?I would repeat it over and over again with sore red ass. ?He would come into my bathroom during bath time and would tell to make sure I wash my butthole and pussy because I was a dirty little slut. ?I sat down at the dinner table in my night grown, Mom asked like she always does if I washed my self and did I make sure to get everywhere, my bum, and “did you get the honey pot.” ?I said yes mom. ?Daddy than coughs and says “you know that’s not what its called you don’t have a honey pot, honey pots are for sweet good little girls. ?Tell your mother what you have between those legs.” ?I looked at my mother and said mom I dont have a honey pot I have a young tight pussy!” ?Daddy kept eating his dinner it went silent, as I looked down to my food back upto my mothers face she stare at me jaw dropped. ?She wiped her mouth calmly and walked around the table and Slapped my face so hard, and screamed not to talk like that. ?I told her it was true! I do have a young tight pussy! ?and all I am is a young tight piece of pussy! ?She slapped me over and over than sent me off to my room.

phone sex with Dimona


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extreme fetish and taboo UK toll free phone sex line with US girls

taboo teen phone sex

Want to talk about anything you want? ?But can’t find a good taboo and extreme line to call because you are from the UK? ?Well, now you have a line to call, toll free, where you can get a US taboo hottie on the line to talk real nasty to. ?I just got off the phone with a UK caller who loves age play, he wanted me to play a young virgin and he ravaged my body! ?He said that you can’t get phone sex like that in the UK, so call us and we will get you off!


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CBT Phone sex with Mistress Marlow!

cbt phone sex


CBT Phone sex, is that what you are looking for? ?To get your dick and balls fucked the hell out by a pretty dominate girl like myself? ?Because if that is what you are looking for then I would be glad to give it to you! ?Oh yes, you got that right! ?I LOVE to fuck up dick and balls, really bad, so stupid pricks like yourself! ?The funny thing is that most men think that the only kind of guy that is getting his dick and balls fucked up is the kind of guy with a small dick, but that simply isn’t true. ?I have one specific guy that I enjoy to fuck up and he has quite a big cock! ?Oh yes, we get on cam together and I watch him beat his dick and balls up really hardcore, then I make him lock it up because he isn’t allowed to masturbate unless I give him permission too. ?Mmmm I love talking to that little submissive piggy!

Mistress Marlow

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Family Domination Phone Sex

Owning a males, they are like hunks of flesh up for sale at a cattle auction, I like a deal so when it comes to buying cattle, I like a little something to come along with the deal. After you have been broken destroyed any self worth squeezed from your bones, you now become just a accessory, a piece of property to me. I love to pluck and pluck away until I hear those infamous words “now that is off limits Adele.” Usually this happens when I have caught wind of that pretty little daughter of yours. I want to take that innocent little girl you hold so dearly to your heart and defile her, I want to push you far past your limits, far past any point you thought you had. It usually starts out with a request of her little used panties, I smell her little pussy I tell you how sweet your daughters innocent little pussy smells. This makes my little cattle very uncomfortable, than I have him smell his little girls panties, he hesitates, I pressure him, than force him. Your hesitation makes me wet, I make him put them on and lie on her bed staring at her picture forcing him to masturbate to her. I laugh listening to you desperately beat your cock struggling to get it hard enough to get a bit of cum to defile your own daughters panties. Of course if you fail, it will mean that your ruined, career gone, wife gone, family gone, but if you do succeed, you have just gotten yourself in much deeper. When your home from work your pretty little girl home from school, a package will be delivered with your teenage little girls name on the box. It listed as a admirer from school, she takes it into her room and opens it, you cant but help to wonder if Mistress has filled it with contents that would ruin you. You ask her during your perfect family dinner what was in the box she says “oh nothing dad, don’t worry about it.” Next time we speak i inform you that I shipped a big black vibrating dildo to your daughter, and that its been about a week that she has probably came all over it. Your shocked I make you retrieve it from her bedroom and suck it clean, you sob like a little bitch just before placing it into your mouth while I laugh.

Mistress Raven

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Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex with Marlow

extreme humiliation phone sex

Bend over, bitch, because here it comes. Time for Marlow’s extreme humiliation phone sex. I hope you have some insertions handy, maybe even some enemas. (snort) Yep, time to clean your sorry ass up and what better way than an enema? Plus, it’s super humiliating to have to insert an enema in your asshole and have me order you to NOT shit until I tell you to. Ha ha!

Squirm while your belly gurgles for me, my pathetic humiliation puppet. Squirm and then when I say, you’ll let it all out, exploding your shit into the toilet. I’ll laugh my hot curvy ass off while you’re emptying yours in the most humiliating way. LOL!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Marlow

human ashtray objectification phone sex

I am smoking hot! Haha! Yeah, I take my smoking hotness literally sometimes by thoroughly manipulating those of you who have a smoking fetish. I light one up and blow smoke in your face – not once, not twice, but EVERY time I exhale. You’ll be coughing and sputtering, with your eyes watering, which will make me laugh my perfect ass off!

I’ll also require you to be my human ashtray, humiliating you and objectifying you even more. You try to speak, but I just flick some more ashes into your stupid pie hole. That’s what it’s there for anyway – to be used by me. Your mouth certainly isn’t there to express your opinion. Haha!

No, human ashtray, you are here to be my smoking fetish slave. So inhale deeply of my cigarette smoke and open wide. I have a ciggie to stub out on your tongue. Are you ready????????????

Puff puff,

1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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Humiliation Phonesex with a Bratty Teen

That’s just what you are.
A loser who wants a bratty phonesex princess like me to ruin you.
To make you beg to sniff my hot little ass.
To make you beg for a pair of my dirty stained panties so you can make piggy snorts while you bury your face in dirty pussy juice.
To beg to lick my dirty feet.
Let’s pretend that it’s the vodka talking, that you worship me because I make you indulge in forced intox phonesex, that you just might have a chance with this bratty phonesex princess, loser.
I’ll sit in your lap, let you rub my leg while I overserve you, and let you think you have a chance with a girl like me.
Until you pull out that little dick.
Then I am really going to let loose with the small penis humiliation, loser!
And you’ll want me even more!

1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

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