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Category — Forced bi

He wanted Forced Bi, so I gave it to his faggot ass

He wanted to be on his knees with a cock in his mouth and my hand on the back of his head forcing him as far down on the shaft as he could go and I gave him what he wanted. I directed him to look at the throbbing cock in front of him and to appreciate how beautiful it was. I told him how good it was going to taste as it moved over his tongue and to the back of his throat and how the precum would soon be tickling his taste buds. He sucked cock for me because I forced him to. He had no choice in the matter but to fall to his knees for his mistress and open wide to give pleasure to a man. He?s going to be my cocksucker for as long as I want him to.

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January 25, 2018   No Comments

Glory Hole Cocksuckers Phonesex

Glory Hole Phone Sex
The glory hole cocksuckers are out in force lately!
As you all know, I am always ready to get hardcore, perverted and extreme.
There is just something that is so freaky hot about a secret cocksucker, don’t you agree?
Especially when there’s a forced bi mistress in your ear directing your forced bi cocksucking humiliation.
One of my favorite glory hole sluts was able to sneak away from wifey and the kids and take a much needed mouthfull of cock.
That’s it, give away all your control to your forced bi mistress, how good it feels to indulge me in your freaky fetish.
Feel me at your shoulder, my hands on your head, as that big black cock slides into your mouth.
Ready for your trip to the glory hole?

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December 26, 2013   No Comments

Forced Bi Phonesex

You want me to force you to suck cock?
Baby, this forced bi cuckold queen doesn’t have to make you do anything.
You pretend to be straight, pretend to love your wife, but each time you fuck her, all you crave is a big black cock in your mouth.
Only I know your dirty little forced bi phone sex secret.
I know and you know just how much you crave a big black cock dripping pre-cum.
How about we go on a date to an adult bookstore?
You follow me back, watching my long legs in that short skirt, and know that you’d follow that ass anywhere.
That’s it, go sit on that toilet, right in that glory hole booth.
see that big black cock sliding through that hole?
Feel my hands on the back of your head, that’s right, gag for me, baby.
Call me, baby.

1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

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Dildo Training and Enemas with Marlow

dildo training and strapon play phone sex

You say you want to submit to a Goddess like me. Then prove it! One of my absolute requirements is that I fuck you long and hard with my big inflatable strapon. I’ll give you an enema, which will further humiliate you. But I sure as shit don’t want your shit on my strapon toy, so that’s why your poop chute is gonna be totally cleaned out.

If you’re new to getting fucked in the ass, I’ll start you out with less intimidating sized dildos. You’ll be in dildo training for a couple weeks until you’re ready for my Mr. Inflatable – lol! And every time I fuck your ass, you’ll get an enema beforehand…so you best get used to the idea of being totally vulnerable and humiliated, which makes me laugh very, VERY hard!


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1-888-247-0221 Evesdropping line
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

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Forced fem phone sex with extreme phone sex mistress Brittany

Oh, baby it turns me on so much when you put lipstick and my pretty panties on. What?? You dont want to do that for me? But, baby?why not? Dont you want to make my pussy all wet?? Dont you want to fuck me? Then you better put this lipstick on and these panties because you aint going to see me naked until you do! Either put up or shut up, so whats it going to be Yeah, I thought so. Youre little head wants to fuck me. Haha! Youre so easy, and you look so funny with my lipstick on. And look at your little dick poking out of that silky pink material. Haha! Dude, welcome to my world of forced fem! Now be my bitchboy!

Forced Feminization phone sex with Brittany!

1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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1-900-226-7979 Bill to phone

September 3, 2012   No Comments

The bitch is here! Extreme taboo cuckolding phone sex at it’s worst!

Hello I’m reese and if we haven’t talked yet, I’m sure we soon will!  Especially if your a tiny cocked loser with a pathetic cuckolding fantasy.  Guys like you disgust me with your patheticly small dicks.  Probably driving some truck around town, thinking your a big shot, but in the bedroom your about as good as a hot dog being thrown in a hallway lol.  You fucking twat!

I would love to be your cuckolding girlfriend who stopped fucking you for the last couple months.  Your cock is just way to small!  I decide to start going out with the girls, and I do.  One night I bring a guy home, and your actually kinda turned on by it because you know your a small dicked loser, you secretly want to be humiliated and reated like garbage.  I’m going to force you to watch me suck his dick, fuck him, moan and scream with him.  He’s got such a big dick, so much bigger than you!  After, your on clean up duty.  So suck his dick, you dumb little twat, once your done, I’ve got a soaking wet pussy that needs to be cleaned too.

Talk to you soon asshat!

August 16, 2011   No Comments

Extreme Phone Sex Orchiectomy Castration With Bianca

Do you want to give the ultimate gift to your superior and worthy goddess?  You do, don’t you?  You want to allow me to take your very manhood away from you, leaving you with an empty and useless sack.  Oh and I want it, i want your balls literally mounted in a trophy case on my wall.  That’s the kind of sick bitch I am you see.

I think you need a little fucking push don’t you?  Yes a nice drugged drink finds you falling peacefully to sleep.  When you awaken you’re strapped to my?operating table, a rough slab of wood located deep in the woods, where no one will your your fucking pathetic screams.

I stroke your cock to get it hard, one last torment, as I bring out my surgical tools to slice open your balls.  Imagine the total helplessness and rush you’ll feel as I snip them out, with no anesthesia of course.  You are a worthless loser, you deserve to suffer for me.  And you will.  So come walk on the wild side of pain and suffering….if you dare!

Evil Bitch Bianca

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August 5, 2011   No Comments

Phone Sex Mistress Malin wants to punish and cut-off your balls!


You are going to lose those nuts as soon as you pick up that phone. Go ahead… try me. Pick up that phone and dial me. I will have you balls in a jar before you can dial ‘N’ for neutered. You think I am joking. You think I won’t have you nipped, tucked, and de-balled. That’s your mistake. So what are you waiting for, soon-to-be-nutless wonder? Call me and de-ball you!


1 888 854 8836



July 16, 2010   No Comments

Freak Nasty Phone Sex with Kylie


Do you like to get real freaky naughty? I’m a freak nasty slut that loves to take it dirty and rough. I such a dirty freak that I am touching myself right now. My fingers are banging my pussy with each letter I type. I am thinking about your big hard cock just pounding away at my tight cunt. MMMMMM I want all your hot cum in me and after I suck your cum and my pussy from your cock… I want you to pound my ass all night long. So… are you ready to have some freak nasty fun?


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July 8, 2010   No Comments

Phone sex Mistress Malin rips you a new one!


Bend over, motherfucker! Spread those fucking ass cheeks! I going to fuck you until you gape and prolapse! I going to give you the most complete fucking you have ever had and when I am done reaming you… I am going to fistfuck you until you fucking cry!

Call now and drop trough, BITCH!



June 23, 2010   No Comments