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Category — breath play

Freak Nasty Phone Sex with Kylie


Do you like to get real freaky naughty? I’m a freak nasty slut that loves to take it dirty and rough. I such a dirty freak that I am touching myself right now. My fingers are banging my pussy with each letter I type. I am thinking about your big hard cock just pounding away at my tight cunt. MMMMMM I want all your hot cum in me and after I suck your cum and my pussy from your cock… I want you to pound my ass all night long. So… are you ready to have some freak nasty fun?


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Phone sex Mistress Malin rips you a new one!


Bend over, motherfucker! Spread those fucking ass cheeks! I going to fuck you until you gape and prolapse! I going to give you the most complete fucking you have ever had and when I am done reaming you… I am going to fistfuck you until you fucking cry!

Call now and drop trough, BITCH!



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Phonesex Mistress Kylie strokes a stranger’s cock!

Kylie009I wrapped my hand around his cock. He had no idea who I was. “Look straight” I commanded. He looked straight ahead and down at his cock in my hand. I felt him get hard as soon as he saw my bright red fingernails. Standing there at the urinal in the back bathroom of a dark club. I didn’t know him. He didn’t know me. I didn’t know him. He watched me stroke his cock. His eyes locked on my hand. The well manicured hand of an amorous stranger. I stroked his cock until he came. I slipped out into darkness of the club. He never even saw my face, but he will never forget it.


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You will taste the sting of Phonesex Mistress Malin’s Whip!!!


I will break you. I will have you begging for release that will never come. Each of you cries will be answered by another lash of a whip, another tear of the flesh, another red welt, another slap in the face. Your cries and pleas mean absolutely fucking nothing to me. You are my property, my helpless little fuck slave, my bitch… and you will do what I say.





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Phonesex Mistress Kylie has a treat for you, Sissy-britches!


I see you looking at my big pink rubber cock, licking your lips and wiggling your ass. You want it don’t you? You want to be my little sissy bitch. Taking and pleasing my cock like the good little sissy cockslut you are. Well what are you waiting for missy prissy sissy panties? Get on your knees and get to work! That’s a good girl. You’ll make your mistress very proud!


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Cocksucking training with Phone Sex Mistress Kylie


Hello my little cocksuckers. I know how you lick your lips at the thought of a big hard cock sliding down your throat. I know how you beg for them to cum in your gaping mouth. You can’t get enough dick, can you cockslut? But you need me to help you learn how to please a cock. You need someone like me to encourage you and guide you. Someone like me to find hot guys for you. Call me and let the training begin!


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K9 Phonesex with Hayley!


I remember the first time I ever had a dog fuck me. I had just gotten out of the shower and was wet and naked reaching for my socks that were under my bed. He came up behind me and started licking me. It felt so good I couldn’t make him stop, but before I knew it he had mounted me and was shoving his big hard cock all the way in me. I couldn’t get away from him so I had to just stay there on my knees and take it. I couldn’t believe how much cum poured out when he finally pulled out. EVER SINCE THEN… I HAVE WANTED IT MORE AND MORE!




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More Gloryhole Phonesex with Your Titian Vixen Kylie!


I see you licking your lips as you are lead by leash to the booths. You know what you want and you know I want you to want it. You look adorable wearing my lipstick and panties. Such a proper little whore, the kind that gets all $10 for her blowjobs. Are you ready to get on your knees for me? Are you ready to taste all that anonymous cock poking through the hole? I am here to lead the way. I am here to cheer you on. Are you ready???

Pucker up, Sweetheart




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Phone sex slut Morgan loves to strap one on!


I love strapping on a big hard cock and bending a naughty boy over for some dirty back door fun. Are you a naughty little back door whore who loves to take and big hard rubber cock? Do you find yourself daydreaming about taking my 11″ strap-on while you beg for more? Make that fantasy real and call me!

Morgan with the rubber organ!




January 17, 2010   No Comments

Phonesex Daddy’s Girl Callie has a dirty story to tell YOU!!!


I really want to tell you something. A very vivid, dirty, and sexy memory of mine. I had a very strict ‘Daddy’. He was very controlling and possessive. He was very touchy-feely in a very naughty way. Like he wouldn’t even let me pee without wanting to watch me. I really loved the attention though. It is nice to be so loved. But one day I met a boy. He was very cute and gentle. He was a great listener and very sensitive. Most girls thought he was gay, but I dated him anyway. He wasn’t much of a lover in the bed, but he was so attentive to my needs. I would let him lick my pussy for days! But… ‘Daddy’ found out. He stormed into my room and grabbed the boy by the hair. He started yelling “So you like my ‘daughter’s’ pussy? Well can you fuck it as good as I can?” Oh the look of fear on his face was priceless! ‘Daddy’ made him sit in the corner wearing my panties and watching ‘Daddy’ fuck my pretty pink pussy that he was just licking. He was crying but his little dick was so hard! ‘Daddy’ came in my pussy, a really big daddy load of cum that I had gotten used to taking.  ‘Daddy’ saw he was hard and grabbed his pantied ass by the head again and pushed his face into my pussy. ‘Daddy’ was laughing as he did it, saying “Now, how do you like THAT pussy, Pussyboi! You’re a real little faggot, aren’t you, wearing my ‘daughter’s’ panties! Well now I’m going to fuck you like a FAGGOT!” Just then I heard him scream in my pussy as my ‘Daddy’ pull down the panties off the boy’s ass and shoved his big hard cock, still wet from my pussy, up his tight little faggot ass! His screaming soon became moans as he hungrily licked the cum from my pussy.

Needless to say, ‘Daddy’ soon adopted the boy and now I have a sister! Oh, what fun we have with ‘Daddy’!

Licky, licky teeny dicky!


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January 3, 2010   No Comments