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Posts from — November 2009

Phonesex Floozy Kylie wants to fuck you like its 1999!!!


MMMMMMMM! I want to fuck you like there is no tomorrow! I want to give it to you soooo good that you’ll think the earth moved under your bed! The walls will shake and your mind will break! I’m going to rock you all night long! I’m going to knock you out with these fabulous thighs and ride you like a highway to heaven! Are you ready to be fucked like its 1999? Then turn up the music and pick up the phone and give this floozy a blow on the phone… because I am ready to rock you like a hurricane!

Helll yeah!





November 27, 2009   No Comments

Phone sex Domme Malin wants to make you her pet!


Come here, boy! That’s a good boy! I am going to put a leash on you! You are my pet now. I am going to show you off to all the other Masters and Mistresses. We are throwing a bit of a slave show so you will be on your best behavior! I will have you used as I see fit… but if you so much as try to hump a leg of even sport a boner… our next stop will be the veterinarian office to have you neutered! Are you ready to place best in show for your gorgeous Mistress Malin? Good boy! Now call!

Come here pet!





November 22, 2009   No Comments

Phonesex Model Kylie loves a nice hard cock.


I just love a nice hard cock… One that is long and fat… One that can find my wet little cunt and fuck her like she needs to be fucked. Do you have a big hard cock like that? Does your cock need my love and attention? Does it seek and nice hot pussy to call home? Would you like to slide it deep into my wet little cunt? I am wet and waiting for your throbbing meat to make me cum!

Legs wide,





November 15, 2009   No Comments

Phonesex Domme Malin is going to watch YOU get fucked!


Hey there sissyboy! Is that ass loose and limber? Are you lubed and wanting? You are my entertainment for tonight. Yes, you are my personal slut toy. We all know sluts get fucked… hard and by many different cocks… we also know that you are my slut… thus what do you think I have planned for tonight? That’s right, cum-doll! Your ass and mouth are going to be the personal playground for as many men as I have invited… and just to let you know… I sent out an invite to every man on my mailing list… soooo fuck-tons! HA HA HA you are going to be so ragged and bow-legged after tonight! You best get ready soon, slut-face, the boys are filling their prescriptions for those little blue pills and are starting to line up at the door! Look you best! You are representing me, after all!

Smile, you slut!





November 8, 2009   No Comments

Phonesex Fetishist Kylie takes you to a Glory Hole!


I see the way you look at other men. I see the way you gaze at their crotches. You are not checking out their pleats or admiring their belts… You are thinking about their cocks. You think about how big they are. How hard you can make them. You wonder what they will taste like when they are in your mouth. You wonder if you will choke while trying to deep throat their cocks. You can almost taste their loads shoot in your mouth. I bet you taste it now… don’t you? Well don’t worry if you don’t yet. I have plans for you tonight. I will take you to the glory holes back behind the sex shop… you know the ones. I know you have been trying to work up the courage to try them out… Well no worries there, loverboy, becauseI am going to have you on your knees with a cock in your mouth before you can garble out the words ‘thank you, mistress!’ Wet your lips bitch and pick up that phone…

Keep on sucking, you dirty boy,


1 888 854 8836

1 900 226 7979


November 1, 2009   No Comments