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Posts from — May 2014

Fantasy forced role play

extreme phonesex

I love naughty fantasies, because in fantasies you can do anything you want and play out any character or any person you want to play out, I like it even more because I have some really naughty fantasies that I LOVE to play out, especially on the phone with you guys! ?I have a special guy who likes to call me every now and again. ?He called a few nights ago and I am still thinking about it now wishing he was inside me now fulling my deepest fantasy. ?I love to think about him forcing me into his house while I am tied up, and then him forcing his dick in every hole I have. ?I am married so I beg and beg him not to cum inside me but he does anyway.

Can’t wait to talk to you again C!


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Grandma loves it in the ass

grandma phone sex

Shhh don’t tell my kids, or my grand kids, but hot damn, grandma loves it in the ass! ?I love a nice hot young man around the age of 20-30 to come over and fuck this grandma tight ass. ?My asshole is always ready to be fucked, to have a nice big cock up my ass. ?I like a really big one stuffed up my asshole just like the guy I had on the phone a few days ago, his cock was so massive that I had a hard time taking it all, but you better believe I did! ?I took that entire dick up my ass, and I may have moaned and screamed like a real dirty whore, but damnit I took it! ?Proud moment? ?Maybe. ?But I can’t wait to do it again.




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Submissive slut cum training

panty sniffing phone sex

Hello there,

I am such a submissive little teen whore with such a tight teen pussy for you to fuck and hurt. ?I love being hurt, humiliated, and treated like a true sex slut. ?The other day I got an amazing call from a much older dominate man who wanted to do a real kinky fantasy. ?Some of the things we talked about in the call I can’t talk about on the blog, lol, so you will just have to call for that sort of info…but I can say a few things. ?He wanted me to do a ageplay fantasy and I was a cum slut in training. ?He tied me up in our fantasy roleplay and fed me cum for weeks. ?By the time he was done, I was the most fantastic cum whore ever.

Talk to you soon!

Ask for Teegan for all your really nasty calls


May 28, 2014   No Comments

Teen Brat To Domme You

teen phone sex


Hi there faggot. ?Yeah you, with the fucking dildo up your ass reading this. ?I bet you weren’t expecting a bratty teen to be the one to call you out on being a loser faggot, but guess what, I just did asshole! ?I’m only 18, but trust me, I got the attitude of 3 teens, I’ll have you extending your call over and over again because you will become addicted to me and my abuse. ?I am the one and only teen dream with a severe bitchy side that will have you coming back over and over. ?I love name calling and abusing your little faggot ass, all while my cute little tiny voice sounds so innocent and sweet…then I laugh and giggle at you which makes you go crazy until you finally cum, with that huge ass dildo up inside you. ?I will be your candy arsnic.


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ab/dl mean mommy Kylie

ab/dl phone sex To all the AB/DL’s out there, this mommy will not be nice and lovy dovey with you. I am what you all may call a “mean mommy”. I pinch and pull your dick during diaper changes, or some of you may call it a “clitty”. Whether your a sissy AB/DL or just a regular AB/DL I will be the one in control and I guarantee we will have lots of fun! I will treat you like a little baby, changing your diaper or maybe making you sit in your diaper for hours because you ae being punished. It doesn’t matter what I feel like doing to you at that specific moment, just know it will be dirty and mean and very very cruel! I am a cruel mommy, get used to it, you pathetic sissy baby! ? Kylie 1-888-844-2921

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Rose Bud Sex


I’m a huge fan of dirty anal sex, I like it the filthier the better, I know alot of girls like anal, its hard to pass up the idea of a guy putting his fuck stick in the dirtiest hole in your body and fucking it for pleasure. ?I not only like anal sex, I like dirty anal sex, messy anal sex, I love anal sex to the point where my butt hole falls out if you don’t know what that means I can tell you. ?Getting butt fucked to the point where I orgasmed so much that as a orgasm is being forced out of my butthole begins to gape and eventually it flips inside out, showing all the inner walls of my butthole. ?I looks very nasty and it feels incredible while its happening, eventually my butthole gets so loose and opened that I can place one hand on my ass cheek and rose bud my ass at will. ?Usually it requires two guys are more to fuck my ass long enough to get it to this point, but there is nothing fucking filthier that having one of my girlfriends with her reddish pink rose bud in my face while i suck on it and lick it.

1888 854 8836


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Extreme Dark Role Plays


Hello guys,I bet your looking for a real hot chick who loves to dabble in the dark side of sex, don’t you? Mmmm, well I am exactly that type of “creature”. I love role plays, especially ones that turn me on and allow me to get really creative. I have this caller that loves to call me for a bit of dominate, yet dark and creative phone sex and the things we talk about can get pretty kinky. It involves me being a succubus and calling him into his full length mirror and then taking advantage of him in the most kinkiest of ways! Even making him impregnate me with his human sperm and then eating him from the inside out like a black widow spider. If your interested in such sci fi type of calls then I am definitely your gal.


Talk to you soon.

May 20, 2014   No Comments

The horrific pain mistress does it again

cbt phone sex

Hi fuckers? ?You been bad boys? ?I hope so, because that means I get to torture you even more than I usually do! ?That means, watch as much porn and masturbate as much as you possibly can because I will punish you for it…Oh you can best believe that! ?I will punish your ass, your dick, and your balls for you being a dirty little fucking pervert. ?Some of my favorite things to do is have you stick your cock in a bowl of hot wax and then sand it off with sandpaper and put Icy hot all over it to jack off with. ?After you cum, the sensations of pain start to come through and you will regret being a little whore!

Mistress Marlow


May 17, 2014   No Comments

Scat Sex


Guys are always asking me what is it like to shit on a cock or have dirty nasty scat sex. ?I will try to explain it a bit of it in this blog, as I bend over and open my ass to shit all over your cock, my heart races, I get really anxious and tense. ?Sometimes so much so that I cant release anything, than there are those times when I relaxed and so horny that I push and it comes right out, the truth is that scat sex is fucking gross, its so nasty its the nasty’s kind of sex someone can do. ?As I shit more and more on your cock it becomes more nastier, its gross and nasty and it smells, that’s what makes it such a turn on, once I shit on your cock and let your cock fuck me covered in my shit, it becomes our dirty nasty smelly little secret. ?I want to shit all over your cock and in your mouth and all over your face.


May 16, 2014   No Comments

Ball Busting Phone Sex



Nothing better than getting paid to kick your balls in, I watch as your eyes water and your knees hit the floor your mouth opens wide like your sucking a fat cock. ?I stand gazing from above hands on my hips, very dull face, just another day for me. ?Your balls have been kicked behind your eyes there pulse of your racing heart beat, your trying to mouth some words I can not understand. ?I easily frustrated I swat down and lean over to hear what your trying say, I interpret anything coming from your mouth as please mistress kick me again. ?You have been weaken from a women’s ?kick perfectly placed yet you realize that you need to recover quickly before I do more damage, but it s that sharp shooting pain from your balls shooting into your lower stomach. ?Your left immobile at the brink of tears, pain and fighting the urge to throw up its all too distracting. ?I try to lay your legs you curl them up in fetal position I try to open your legs once more you curl them again moaning in pain. ?I straddle you in my hand the seems to be the biggest sharpest knife you have ever seen. ?”I’m going to stab you all over and watch you bleed to death.” ?I lean over and whisper in your ear. ?”Open your legs for me? Its just what I suggest. Or die?” ?I say calmly say. ?You nod, you struggle with opening your thighs, I than spend the next hour torturing your balls until it feels like apple sauce inside. ?”Not what you paid for I guess?” ?I take your cash and sprinkle all over your body.

Priscilla loves to hurt you

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