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Posts from — December 2012

BBW fetish phone sex

The best thing about being a big girl is all the attention you get from the FAs of the world–the Fat Admirers!  There are so many guys out there who like a girl with nice, soft curves.

Like this one guy who called me for BBW phone sex the other day.  He told me that he loved voluptous ladies like me and begged me to sit on his face.  I had to tease no fax 30 day payday loans him a little and let him think I wasn’t going to do it, but I eventually did do a little facesitting with him.

It turned into smothering before he realized what was going on.  You have no idea how much I like to watch guys’ dicks get harder and harder as they struggle to breathe underneath the weight my sexy round ass…but he does now. 😉


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December 30, 2012   No Comments

Extreme Scat Phonesex Mistress

Get down on your knees, slave.
Right in front of my unwashed pussy.
Watch me rub my hand across that creamy, smelly pussy.
This is not only more than you deserve, my cunt juice is your only reason for being.
Beg for the honor of licking the sweaty discharge.
Get on your back, at my feet where you belong, slave.
Look up at my pungent ass, round ass cheeks, and dream about serving my perfect ass with your nose and tongue, slave.
Spread that stinky pussy and beg for the privilege of drinking my piss, slave.
Get under me like the toilet slave you are, and submit to all your scat desires.
Rub my sticky scat all over your face, hands and if I so desire, your cock.
I have so much more planned for you, if you please your favorite extreme scat phone sex mistress, toilet slave.
I will use you, abuse you, then forget about you.
And you will never get me out of your mind.

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December 28, 2012   No Comments

Extreme Smoking Granny Phone Sex

I have been a smoker since I was teenager.  I guess you can say I have a smoking fetish, which is probably due to my first cigarette being shoved in my mouth during sex.  The smoke filling my lungs during an orgasm just sold me.

So, naturally, I have a connection between sex and smoking in my mind.  It gets expensive though, because it usually goes a cigarette before sex, at least one during, and one after.  With the right sort of guy, or even girl, I can clear a pack in a night because that one after quickly turns into the one before and so on.

If you think you’re the right sort of guy (or girl), I want to share my fetish with you.

Granny Caroline

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December 18, 2012   No Comments

Leg worship fetish phone sex with Glory

You don’t see as many men with leg fetishes as you do men who call themselves “boob men” or “ass men.”  So when I run across a guy who can’t stop staring at my legs, I make it a point to have a little fun with him.

A couple of months ago, I was lying out by the pool when I noticed a guy I’d seen around before trying to stare discreetly at my long, tan legs.  Well, of course there’s really no such thing as staring discreetly, is there?  I knew exactly what he was doing, so I motioned for him to come over and struck up a conversation with him.

After a few minutes, I “suddenly realized” that my legs needed some more sunscreen on them.  I was very concerned that they might burn, you see, so I asked him if he’d lotion up one leg while I did the other one.  I didn’t want to waste time doing first one and then the other and risk getting burned.

You should’ve seen how hard his cock was under his swim trunks.  I bet he still jerks off to the thought of worshipping my legs!

mind control phone sex

Brainwashing Phone Sex with Glory


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December 9, 2012   No Comments

submissive teen fetish phone sex

Extreme Phonesex

Ok, so this might sound a little weird, especially considering that most college girls like me really love bossing guys their own age around.  But I’ve known for awhile that I’m pretty submissive.  I think that’s why I don’t really go for guys my age, actually.  Older men just seem way more dominant to me.

I know lots of girls like to play submissive in bed or whatever, but then once they’re not in the bedroom anymore, they go right back to, like, pushing their boyfriends around and making them buy them everything they want and stuff like that.  But that’s really not me.  I’m actually really submissive in every aspect of my life, as crazy as that sounds.

I’m kind of afraid of going too far in real life right now, since I’m pretty young and unexperienced.  It’s not that I’ve never had sex before, but I’ve never really encountered the kind of man I fantasize about.  You know, the kind of man who will take charge and always be in control, but is also concerned about taking care of me, too.  That’s why I’m sticking with submissive phone sex with you guys so that you can teach me how to properly submit.  Then, I will take my lessons out into the wide, wide world and see what happens.

Oh, and I think I’m kind of a painslut, too, so if you think that my “lessons” need to be reinforced with spankings, then go right ahead!  *Giggles*


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December 8, 2012   No Comments

Incest phone sex – its time to come over to Auntie’s house

Hello, my darling little nephew.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.  Wow, you’ve gotten all big and strong since the last time your favorite Auntie laid eyes on you!  Come over here and let me give you a kiss!  You’re not too big of a boy for that, are you?

You know, I’m sure glad we’re alone now.  My love for my sweet nephew is one of those things that we Payday Loan should keep between the two of us.  You wouldn’t want anyone else getting any of Auntie’s love, would you?

Of course not!  That’s why this little incest roleplay will always remain on the down low, just between you and me.  And all you have to do to get some of it is to call me for Auntie phone sex!  Talk to you soon, baby.

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December 7, 2012   No Comments

Extreme fetishes forced intox with Mistress Marlow


Everybody has a drug or two of choice.  Whether they will admit it or not is another story.

For many, it’s something simple and pedestrian like caffeine or sex.  For others, it’s a little more out there.  For my forced intoxication calls, I prefer talking to the “out there” guys.

It doesn’t matter what it is–alcohol, weed, something stronger.  All that matters is that you have something there with you to make reality a little fuzzier around the edges.  I’ll help the process along for you, and then we can talk.

Once that border between reality and fantasy becomes nice and blurred, then I’ll take my turn with you.  When you’re all fucked up like that, it’s so much harder for you to resist doing what your Femdom Mistress says, isn’t it?  When you’re so off-balance that you’re not sure what’s real and what isn’t, your natural inclination is to just do what you’re told without any sort of resistance.

That’s exactly the way that I like to have you boys thinking.

When my voice pierces through that fog and tells you to do things, you know that it’s in your best interest to do so, don’t you?  If I tell you to get on your knees and suck cock like a good little whore, you do it.  If I tell you to perform some very painful CBT upon yourself, you do it.  You follow my instructions like an automaton when you’re in this state because you’re helpless to resist.

I’m like a Siren luring men to their destruction…and loving every minute of it!


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December 6, 2012   No Comments