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Posts from — May 2010

seriously fucked up phone sex for perverts.

teen phonesex skank

I love fucked up calls, the more perverted the better!  Yesterday I got a really fucked up phone sex call, seriously perverted and boy did I LOVE IT!!!  First it started out with my caller telling me that he and his girlfriend dabbled in K9 sex, he enjoyed watching his gf getting fucked by their 2 k9’s.  Obviously I enjoyed hearing the stories and listening to him jack off while he talked to me.  Then we started talking about weird pussy insertions.  I have heard a lot of perverted shit but this one was so fucking perverted I couldn’t help but pull the vib out and start masturbating.  Mmmm sticking eels in her pussy or small octopus up there and having her masturbate while they are inside her cunt.  I definitely want to try that out!

Hugs and kisses


May 14, 2010   No Comments