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Shit, Piss drowning, cumming in food are just a couple of the things I am in to. I love the taboo, taboo, sick shit. The kind of fucking shit that you can tell anyone, but me. I was always a bit in to the taboo shit. Every time I would take a shit as a young girl I would rub my clit, even wiping my hands in it and spreading it over my pussy clit, rubbing and rubbing until I came. Bukakki, face fucking, smothering your mouth with my pussy. Even secretly having guys fuck me with a condom and bringing the condom home for you to suck clean.

I want guys to fuck me in front of you, having them all cum in my cunt. 20 or more guys gang bang me and cum in my cunt hole, giving me so much cum to drizzle out of my cunt in to your mouth. Oh man, let me take that cum from your mouth and snowball it in to everyones mouth, sharing the cum. What about a glory hole! Maybe you and I go to a glory hole, allowing men to fuck the both of us, one at a time. Fuck our mouths and fuck your ass and my cunt. I will spread your ass cheeks while you get fucked hard in your ass and I watch. Mmmm can you imagine? I want to watch you get your face fucked and your face smothered while sucking cock and sucking cunt, and then I can be next. I love the filthy fetish phone sex. Call me for the filthies phone sex out there.

Edge play
Party Favors "Substances"
Ass raping
Glory hole
Face fucking and smothering
Body modification
Face gaging and throat fucking

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