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Posts from — April 2009

sadistic cock sucking phone sex

I have to admit, I do have a sadistic side!  I got a call today and the guy wanted me to cut his cock off…castration phone sex at it’s best baby!  I decided I was going to be sadistic and horribly mean about it, make him suffer!  Instead of cutting it off i decided to suck it, get his cock really hard, get it to the point where he is moaning and his cock is rock hard, about to cum…precum just dripping out of the tip of his cock.  At this point I am on my knees sucking his cock as hard as I can, getting him right up to the point where he is going to cum, and then I bite the  fucker off!  Now he’ll never be able to cum again, ahhhh poor fucker!



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Taboo phone sex, blackmail phone sex style

I got a brand new little blackmail phone sex bitch calling me.  HA, so pathetic with such a small little cock.  His little girlfriend has no idea that he’s calling, and he was dumb enough to give me her email.  What a great idea!  Makes my pussy wet just thinking about calling the bitch and making her cry while she listens to her boyfriend bed for his Mistresses Pussy.  Beg whore!  Beg for my pussy!  You will never get it!  My new little blackmail whore is suppose to call me again tomorrow, and if he doesn’t I have an email already written to his girly letting her know what he has been up to :D…I love being so sadistic.

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April 23, 2009   No Comments

Extreme family play phonesex

I got a call today from a guy who wanted a extreme family play phone sex.  First of all I love family play fantasies and roleplays, plus I love super hot phone sex, and that’s exactly what I gave him!  The hottest phone sex he had ever had, according to him :)…Thanks T!!



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Extreme Fisting phone sex

Usually I can only fit a small vibrator or dildo in my pussy but I am always trying to stretch it out and see how far I can stretch my cunt.  I have never fisted myself, and I can’t do it yet, but I have a fetish with watching fisting porn and stretching my cunt out.  There is nothing hotter than watching a hot whore get her cunt fisted and watch her squirt, well actually what would be even better is if she was tied down and being dominated by guy and another femdom.  That’s they type of call I had today, the guy had me stick random stuff in my pussy to see how far we could stretch it lol, I was able to stick a handle bar thingy in my pussy, but that was about it.  It was fun though!  I loved cumming all over it and fucking myself with it!

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Extreme forced sex – phone sex

Do you want my cunt?  Not to taste it or please it, just to raw fuck it! Just shove your raw dick inside of me and fuck me like a dangling cunt toy.  I love and enjoy forced sex!  Sneak in while I am taking a shower and just take advantage of my cunt hole and my asshole.  Shove my face on your cock and make me suck it really fucking hard.  Mmmm, yes, I think you catch my drift hee hee!

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April 23, 2009   No Comments

Extreme MILF phone sex

Extreme MILF phone sex with me is like 5 orgasims in one.  I love to play mommy, but the extreme mommy.  I want to get your cock up and fuck it, with a little family play phone sex.  Mommy wants you to get it up for her, so you can fuck my pussy.


April 15, 2009   No Comments

Extreme and hardcore fucking phone sex

I love hardcore fucking.  When a guy shoves his cock inside of me and fucks the living life out of my pussy.  Rip that fucking cunt open and fuck it, I want you to choke me with your dick, and wrap your hands around my fucking throat while you fuck the hell out of me.  You know I want it, you know I need it!  This little pussy whore wants your cock so badly I would crawl to it, with a bat up my ass…fucking myself any way you see fit.



April 15, 2009   No Comments

Pain slut phone sex

there is nothing sexier than a little pain…would you agree?  I enjoy having my hair pulled hard, my ass smacked with the paddle, poking needles in my tits, shoving items that are too big up my ass and my pussy, cutting the inside of my thighs and having you suck the blood that comes out, having you bite my clit, or bite my pussy and pull on it.  Tie me up and fuck me, shove your cock inside of me, pierce me with needles and hurt me, I enjoy it!


April 12, 2009   No Comments