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Femdom Medical Fetish with Mistress

He didn?t think we could have medical fetish fun over the phone. I told him he?d never done it with the right domme before. I made sure he heard me slipping on my latex gloves and laying out the devices I?d be exploring him with. He was my patient and I was his nurse as he laid down on the exam table and submitted to the necessary tests. I?d have to take his temperature anally, of course, and a prostate exam is a must for any medical play. There?s so much to explore and we did it all over the course of his call. By the end he was on the edge of orgasm and only let his load spill when I finally gave him permission.

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February 5, 2018   No Comments

Melina takes it in all holes



Some guys are a little shy about saying what they want, but Mark was up front about wanting to double penetrate me. As soon as the call started he was out there with it, telling me about how he and his friend were going to fuck my pussy and ass at the same time and fill me like I?d never been filled before. I told him I love a big dick double penetration the most so I can really feel stretched like a slut. I like to sit on one guy with my wet pussy and invite the other to take my ass from behind and fuck me hard. When they?re ready to cum I want both guys to pull out and cover my face in their hot spunk, leaving me soaked and feeling like a total slut.



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November 28, 2016   No Comments

I love sticking things up my asshole


Some guys find it strange that I can orgasm from just anal stimulation. But it makes sense to me. I?ve been sticking things up my butt since I discovered masturbating. I remember how much stronger my orgasms became when I stuck my fingers into my ass while I rubbed my clit. Then I began to crave it, begging my boyfriends to finger my asshole as they fucked me. So if you want to have an anal sex fantasy, I?m your girl. I love wearing a butt plug when you call me. You listen to me tell you how good it feels as I swirl it, and gently tug it to feel the stretching sensation as it widens my asshole. Of course, I?m imagining that it?s you. You listen to me moan as I fuck myself with the plug, the sound of your breath urging me as though you?re right behind me. I love the cold chills that pass over me as you push your cock into my ass. But the best is hearing you moan as you release and I imagine your sperm flooding my ass. The feeling of that hot, sticky mess dripping out of my asshole does it for me like nothing else.

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December 10, 2015   No Comments

Asphyxiation with Hazel

nasty phone sex


I have this rather extreme and naughty fantasy about asphyxiation. I want to get a man, someone who likes to push his manly-ness on to everyone. You know, the dick head guys, the pricks, the fucking douche bags who think they are the best thing to ever walk the planet. Yeah, you know the type. In my fantasy I take a guy like this and I drug him, take him to my place and tie him up, awaiting him to wake up. Once he wakes up I place a bag over his head and I jack him off. Forcing him to not only have a huge orgasm but to suffocate him at the same time. Fucking prick, you deserve it.


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October 31, 2014   No Comments

Hot filthy fetish whore for all your piss and shit

rocky roxy
I got a really hot call a few minutes ago from a guy who had no limits and wanted something most would find really taboo. The thing is that even though it is really dirty and taboo it is my favorite type of call. There is nothing hotter than having a guy call me who wants to shit and piss on me and have me shit and piss on them. What is even better is that he got 5 mins, which is a cheap get off, and got off in 5 mins. It just goes to prove that phone sex doesn’t have to be expensive, you can call, get off with a hot girl for a decent price.




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October 17, 2014   No Comments

Extreme Dark Role Plays


Hello guys,I bet your looking for a real hot chick who loves to dabble in the dark side of sex, don’t you? Mmmm, well I am exactly that type of “creature”. I love role plays, especially ones that turn me on and allow me to get really creative. I have this caller that loves to call me for a bit of dominate, yet dark and creative phone sex and the things we talk about can get pretty kinky. It involves me being a succubus and calling him into his full length mirror and then taking advantage of him in the most kinkiest of ways! Even making him impregnate me with his human sperm and then eating him from the inside out like a black widow spider. If your interested in such sci fi type of calls then I am definitely your gal.


Talk to you soon.

May 20, 2014   No Comments


In High School I got pregnant and did not know who the father was nor care, I waited as long as possible and let as many guys bare back me as I could.  I had a brother that was a virgin, I had a girlfriend that would come over on Friday’s and sleep over, she was cute not as cute as me, with braces and bigger titts.  Alot times while she was spend time over at my house and she would let my brother grab and bare titts, alot of times she would just be on her cellphone and he would just feel them up for hours.  She would never allow him to touch anywhere else though, it was he same girl that told him I was pregnant, we were all in my bedroom one late afternoon my mother was watching jeopardy and wheel of fortune like she always did.  My younger brother was sitting on my bed when he asked me if preg I said yeah, so what I have been preg before I told him.  He asked me”how did you get preg?” he was old enough to know how girls got pregnant, I told him that I had sex with alot of guys and I let them cum in me.  I watched him as he bit his lower lip, than ask if it felt good, I said yes it feels amazing, I told him how i love to have cock in my pussy, and how I loved to make guys cum in me especially when they were older.  He than asked me if he could see the cum inside me, I told him no, that I had not been fucked for days that there probably wasnt anything in there except for wetness.  My girlfriend jumped in and says one time she had a guy fuck her and he came in her it felt like she was draining for days.  My brother than ask me if he could see, I said no not right now and not while my girlfriend is here, she than says to me “I have see your pussy before.”  I than said what ever I will make it quick so she closed my door and piled a bunch of my blankets in front of the door, I layed on the bed took my panties off and spread my legs wide, he got between my legs and stared.  He asked me i could open it so I did, than he asked if there was any cum inside so I took a finger and poked around, pulled it out than showed it to him.  He said “wow, that’s cum.”  I said no I think that is just me.  He asked if he could touch it, I said yes but to make it quick as he started to finger me I could not help how good it felt, as I started to moan, he told me that his dick was are and he would like to push it in me.  I said okay but he could not cum in me my girlfriend said its okay if he cums inside that i could not get pregnant again.  So I told him okay he could blow inside of me, she than walks over to the bed with no panties lays down next to me and says being that he is your little brother and all if you uncomfortable with him cumming inside you he can cum inside me if you want.

Phone sex with Tessa is the Best 🙂

January 24, 2014   No Comments

Worship My Shitty Asshole with Extreme Scat Phonesex Mistress Maya

Your most secret extreme scat phonesex fetish is to be a human latrine for a dominant mistress.
Your secret extreme scat phonesex nightmares are about to materialize with this scat femdom succubus.
You are my toilet, under me, where you belong, scat slave.
My perfect shit smeared white ass is right above you, you watching the shit clinging to my shitthole, your mouth watering for a taste of that stinky shitball.
You look up as I spread my bald pussy lips and let that golden shower piss right into you face, dripping into your open mouth, you greedily begging for more extreme forced scat eating.
Brown showers, brown lunch, you are going to worship my ass while I take that shit and finger fuck my shitty pussy with scat covered fingers.
My ass is full of shit, and I need you now.
Extreme scat phonesex humiliation and ass worship with Mistress Maya.
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October 16, 2012   No Comments

Small Weenie Humiliation Phone Sex with Glory

I’m giggling at you because you actually think you can fuck a goddess like me. Ummmm really!?! With a teeny weenie like that!?! I DON’T THINK SO! There’s no way I would let any guy who has less than seven inches inside my glory-ous pussy. No fucking way!

So since you actually dare to presume that I’d be interested in your cock, I’m going to make fun of it. I will laugh my bootilicious ass off at your cockiness (giggle). Um, seriously, you really thought I wouldn’t notice your mini-me? You thought maybe you could get me so horny with your fingers and tongue that I wouldn’t notice you have NOTHING below your belly button that would please me???? Duuude, when I get all turned on by oral or fingers, I want a long hard dick inside me, and your chapstick dick just won’t do! I’m the tease, not you!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
0-808-134-9931 UK callers
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July 11, 2012   No Comments