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Cuckolding your loser ass!

One of the most fantasized genres of sexual pleasure is Cuckolding. Many people have called me over the years and asked for cuckolding and humiliation. The first thing I ask these fuckers is if they have a girl friend, wife or a partner. Having someone in real life is great for calls like this as I can get the loser emotionally attached to whatever I am saying and ultimately making him cum massively hard.

I tell them to stroke his worthless dick while imagining that a guy with a big cock is standing right in front of them. I then verbally assault them with insults like your dick is useless and should always be kept inside your pants. I tell them to stroke their small dicks while imagining that the guy with the big dick is kissing their girl. Then I say words like “you have to watch”, “You are worthless” and “you can’t satisfy me”.

Cuckolding is so much fun and something I really enjoy doing. Then I tell them to get on their knees all while imagining that their girl is taking of her clothes while she strokes the other guys dick. I tell the caller to imagine that this girl is licking and sucking the dick while looking at him and saying you could never satisfy me like he is going to do today.

I then tell him that his wife needs help with sitting on the other guys dick so go help them out and once they are done you can lick all the cum of your wife’s pussy.

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