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Category — perversion

Extreme Pussy pumping fantasy

Chastity here with some really naughty stories to tell you about the naughty calls I have been taking. ?One of my callers has this massive fantasy about puffing up pussies until they are huge and engorged, then fucking them and leaving behind a huge naughty cream pie. ?I really loved talking to him about this subject so I decided to buy one and try it out. ?Lets just say, I came so hard and am so glad I tried it out. ?I’m going to continue to puff my pussy to bigger and bigger degree’s of puffiness.


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Jade teases and humiliates you because of that pinky finger in between your legs

fetish phone sex

You?ve always known you can?t satisfy a woman with your small penis and you?re never more aroused than when you?re reminded of that fact. Girls will say that size doesn?t matter, but they?re lying because they don?t want you to feel bad. Then they dump you because there?s no chance a small dicked loser like you can give them the kind of orgasm a big cock guy can. You better learn how to eat pussy like nobody?s business because it?s all you?re good for. If you actually find a girl willing to date you she?s certainly not going to let you fuck her with that sad little dick.


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Rose Bud Sex


I’m a huge fan of dirty anal sex, I like it the filthier the better, I know alot of girls like anal, its hard to pass up the idea of a guy putting his fuck stick in the dirtiest hole in your body and fucking it for pleasure. ?I not only like anal sex, I like dirty anal sex, messy anal sex, I love anal sex to the point where my butt hole falls out if you don’t know what that means I can tell you. ?Getting butt fucked to the point where I orgasmed so much that as a orgasm is being forced out of my butthole begins to gape and eventually it flips inside out, showing all the inner walls of my butthole. ?I looks very nasty and it feels incredible while its happening, eventually my butthole gets so loose and opened that I can place one hand on my ass cheek and rose bud my ass at will. ?Usually it requires two guys are more to fuck my ass long enough to get it to this point, but there is nothing fucking filthier that having one of my girlfriends with her reddish pink rose bud in my face while i suck on it and lick it.

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Nipple and anal torture phone sex

torture phone sex

Hi boys! ?I bet you love this curvy fun loving, sex craving hottie you see right here on your screen, now don’t you? ?Well that is me, Glory, and I am here to share something super kinky with ya’ll!! ?I mean, we all like kink, right? ?That is what we are all here for bitches! ?I got this amazingly hot call the other day that turned me on and got me real hot and bothered real quick lol. ?He wanted to torture my ass and my nipples. ?He took needles and stuck them inside my nipples, and pulled on them, made my bleed a little bit. ?All while I was masturbating on the phone with him with some mutual masturbation 😉 wink wink! ?Then he started sticking huge stuff up my ass! ?I mean HUGE stuff up my ass! ?Yes it hurt, BUT, with my hole as big as it is already, he was gaping it and it turned me on. ?He then forced a bat up my ass while he fucked my incredibly tight pussy and came inside of me.




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Accomplice Phonesex

There is nothing I adore more than pushing limits and pushing buttons.
I am often asked what I am into, and the answer is that I can get wet about a lot of things, as long as it’s extreme, kinky, and no limits.
What I always crave is extreme violence,the kind of extreme violent phonesex that you only stroke your cock too when you think of me.
Although I am the rare perfect BDSM switch with some of my partners, my craving for pain is best satisfied with someone else’s screams.
Always on the look out for the perfect submissive victim, is a taboo phonesex addiction that both of us deviants share.
Riding shotgun as you drive the van, it’s almost ridiculously easy to find potential targets for out violent fantasy roleplays.
Easier than taking candy from a baby, or a sweet adolescent.
Indulge your darkest, most taboo, reviled fantasies with me.
There is no one better.

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Beastiality Phone Sex with Glory

mind control phone sex

Beastiality Phone Sex with Glory

Are you a goat herder? You know – liking to fuck goats. Or maybe you’re a sheep herder and prefer sheep pussy. Whatever farm animal you like to poke, you can tell me all about it during our beastiality phone sex role play! I’ll ask you all about your fetish and what experiences you’ve had. Some of you just fantasize about it while others of you actually have some experience!

I recently had a caller talk about his sheep, and he actually has favorites, too. Some of his sheep lovers are more energetic when he fucks them and he prefers those. Nothing like a little action when fucking an animal, huh? Not baa-aaad!


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Extreme Smelly Pussy Phonesex

This fetish femdom mistress has been on a bender, up for days, all fucked up, with the stinkiest, cheesey, fishy pussy ever.
Get up under this sweaty oily pussy, you sick fuck.
Go digging for gold in there.
What’s that?
Bloody tampon?
Take it out with your teeth.
Look at that, it’s been up my smelly snatch so long it’s disintegrating.
Get where you belong, under my sweaty ass, and smell my stinky pussy.
When I take my finger to spread that smelly twat, the strong odor is making me gag.
You know you want to stick your nose deep in that unwashed cunt, smelly, dirty, and wearing the same stiff unwashed for days panties, those pussy lips sticking together like a grilled cheese sandwich.
Piss and shit and pussy discharge all mixed together.
Smelly Pussy Fetish Phonesex with Maya.

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Large cock, huge cream pie, and impregnating teen phone sex fantasy


Whats up taboo phone sex fans?  It’s Katy, your barely legal 18 year old hottie with a tiny cute little body!  O M GEEE…I got a super hot call this morning, I totally masturbated to it and came!  This guy called who likes young girls like me, he asked me if I was a little whore who liked to smoking everywhere electronic cigarettes turn dirty old men on…Of course I said yes!!  So he continuted to tell me about his neighbors daughter who just turned 19 and how she looked so young and tight and innocent like me, he tole me his darkest fantsasy about her, to taboo to talk about on here so call me for the details lol.


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bdsm punishment taboo phone sex with Bambi

Many of you whoâ??ve called me up for bdsm phone sex know that Iâ??m a girl who loves to be tied up and punished.  Some of that punishment comes in the way of rough sex, and I do mean ROUGH SEX!  Not just a little slap and pinch here and there, I want it raw and rough.  I want it so rough that my pussy, ass, and mouth feel all chapped and raw.  Drill, baby, drill when it comes to my love holes because vimax online semenax nice site thank you Iâ??m a girl who wants to be used and abused.  It makes me feel loved.  Yeah itâ??s weird to most of you peeps, but those of us who are bdsm fans can relate. 

Pull my hair, pinch my nipples, jam things up my ass while youâ??re drilling my cock fast and deep, pour hot wax over me, I donâ??t care.  Just tie me up and rough me up so I can get off in a big way when we have sex.



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Phone Sex Mistress Malin wants to punish and cut-off your balls!


You are going to lose those nuts as soon as you pick up that phone. Go ahead… try me. Pick up that phone and dial me. I will have you balls in a jar before you can dial ‘N’ for neutered. You think I am joking. You think I won’t have you nipped, tucked, and de-balled. That’s your mistake. So what are you waiting for, soon-to-be-nutless wonder? Call me and de-ball you!


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