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Category — fetish humiliation

Toilet Training with a hot teen who knows how to abuse you

I?ve become an expert in toilet training my submissives thanks to years of experience. It always begins with piss and I don?t get started until I?ve guided him deep into subspace. He reaches the point where drinking my golden nectar is a reward. It?s the only thing he wants, so when I finally grant him the pleasure of swallowing everything my bladder holds he opens wide and thanks me when he?s done. Training a scat submissive is more difficult, but it?s doable once they?re enthralled with me and deep in subspace. The taste is never good, but a loyal sub gets used to it and relishes the fact that I?ve gifted him with the joy of eating my shit.

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UK: 0-808-101-2271

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Femdom Facesitting Phone Sex

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You know I have the perfect ass to smother your face with. One of the many ways to truly please your hot phone sex mistress is to entertain me with a little bit of facesitting. My ass worship slaves always get a reward but you better work for it. Obviously with an ass like this you’ll take anything I give you. Once you get a taste you won’t be able to say no. We both know know you’ll do anything to keep your fetish mistress happy.

1-888-844-2921 US
0-808-101-2271 UK

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BDSM ageplay scenerio



My pussies still pounding of excitement of the phone sex I just had. A client told me to call him daddy and act as a naughty teen. I asked daddy what he wanted me to do and he told me to suck daddy?s lollipop. And of course I did as he said. I licked that lollipop like it was the first candy I ever tasted. Mmm it was so yummy! I twirled it around in my mouth, did some tricks with my tongue and daddy came in his little girls mouth with everything he had. I moaned and swallowed all the jizz he loaded in my mouth with pleasure. Tasty haha.



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Bukakki phone sex role play

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Wowzers, I feel so dirrrrty! I recently finished a call role playing that I
was a party coed slut who takes bukkake. I?m the life of the party, or I
guess I should say I?m the entertainment of the college campus party. I?m the
only coed girl invited because they knew what a total cock guzzling jizz
gulping skank whore I am. Gawd, the thought of dozens of college guys
standing around me as I kneel in a circle, totally naked, waiting and begging
for all their hot stringy ropes of jizz to cover me made me so hot and horny I
came right then and there on the call. Ohhh, I love being used like the cum
burping road whore that I am!



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Come here little sissy! I’ve got a big cock for you!


?Bend over, sissy bitch, because here it comes!? That?s what I snarled at my regular faggot caller when he phoned, and I was in the mood for some rough anal phone sex play. I wanted to drill his brown stink star so fast and so deep and rough that I told him to grab his biggest dildo and shove it in like RIGHT NOW! He whined something about wanting some lube, but I told him it?s rough anal play, so there will be NO lubricant. ?Just spit on it, and shove it in, faggot! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!? He did as he was told because he?s a good boy, and I?ve hammered his ass many times before. I couldn?t stop laughing at how he kept yelping and moaning. He didn?t know whether he was in pain or in pleasure.



0-808-101-2271 Uk

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Are you a loser and need to be beat down?


I have this loser that loves to call me and have me humiliate him. I love to go a bit further and make that loser prove his dedication to me. I humiliate and degrade him, treat him like a sissy little faggot, punch him in the face, and then use his secret fetish against him. I can’t say what that secret fetish is because it is super taboo! But I can say that it really turns me on when I tell/instruct him how to use his fetish to cum.


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I feel like a really extreme anal role play tonight





Anyone into Anal as much as I am into Anal? ?I am not talking about fucking my own ass, ohhhh no! ?I am talking about fucking YOUR ass! ?That’s right. ?And I like it extreme as fuck. ?I want to rip it open and fuck it, fist it, allow others to fuck it, whore you out, and stick bowling balls in your ass. ?I want to really hurt and degrade you and treat you like a pile of shit. ?I am very dominate in nature and if you are a submissive anal whore, you should give me a call.





August 27, 2014   No Comments

Open pussy worship with a dominate fetish mistress

toilet training phone sex

I just got done working out, I come home to find you chowing down on some nacho chips. ?You disgust me. ?Here I am working out and keeping my body nice and tight and here you are, a total slob chowing down on anything you can fit in your mouth. ?You know, I have a good idea here…I’m going to force you to worship my sweaty cunt as punishment for being a total slob and shit head. ?I take down my panties, you think your getting laid, but your not…your going to get what you deserve. ?I sit on your face and force you to lick it and worship it and please it. ?Once I get off and cum, I literally stand up and leave you with a massive hard on. ?Your a fucking twat, you can please yourself.



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Impregnation teen phone sex

teen phone sex


Ever had a naughty fantasy about impregnating a teen? ?Well I am a teen! ?18 to be exact :), and would absolutely love to play out that role play with you. I actually had a caller today want to do this nasty fantasy with me, and of course I wouldn’t say no to such a naughty fantasy :). ?I have a really young voice too, so it worked out really well. ?I played the girl of his fantasy that teased and taunted him until I made him finally take my pussy and fuck the living hell out of me. ?It was so much fun, and very exciting.




August 18, 2014   No Comments

BBW fetish phone sex with Electra scat baby!

bbw phone sex

Wan’t to smell my asshole? ?I bet you do, you dirty little fucker you! ?I am a BBW and I eat a lot, so you know what that means, I shit a lot too! ?And when I shit, it comes out in big huge clumps. ?I would absolutely love to stick this big ass in your face and have you lick the shit out of me, and then I will push it out and dump a huge load all over your face. ?I just had a caller today talk to me about having his ass rimmed and doing the same thing to me, it was such a turn on that I had to write about it.



August 17, 2014   No Comments