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Category — Demoralization

Phone Sex with a nasty little creampie whore

anal phone sex


Hello guys!
Glory here with another tale of creampies and cuckolds! I have this reg who loves to call me with really dirty stories about him and his wife, he tells me the stories while he jacks off and I tell him how much of a small dick loser he is. Then I sit on his face and suffocate him with my big juicy ass while he tells me how badly he wants to watch his wife get fucked by a bigger and more worthy dick.


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Teen Brat To Domme You

teen phone sex


Hi there faggot. ?Yeah you, with the fucking dildo up your ass reading this. ?I bet you weren’t expecting a bratty teen to be the one to call you out on being a loser faggot, but guess what, I just did asshole! ?I’m only 18, but trust me, I got the attitude of 3 teens, I’ll have you extending your call over and over again because you will become addicted to me and my abuse. ?I am the one and only teen dream with a severe bitchy side that will have you coming back over and over. ?I love name calling and abusing your little faggot ass, all while my cute little tiny voice sounds so innocent and sweet…then I laugh and giggle at you which makes you go crazy until you finally cum, with that huge ass dildo up inside you. ?I will be your candy arsnic.


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Family Domination Phone Sex

Owning a males, they are like hunks of flesh up for sale at a cattle auction, I like a deal so when it comes to buying cattle, I like a little something to come along with the deal. After you have been broken destroyed any self worth squeezed from your bones, you now become just a accessory, a piece of property to me. I love to pluck and pluck away until I hear those infamous words “now that is off limits Adele.” Usually this happens when I have caught wind of that pretty little daughter of yours. I want to take that innocent little girl you hold so dearly to your heart and defile her, I want to push you far past your limits, far past any point you thought you had. It usually starts out with a request of her little used panties, I smell her little pussy I tell you how sweet your daughters innocent little pussy smells. This makes my little cattle very uncomfortable, than I have him smell his little girls panties, he hesitates, I pressure him, than force him. Your hesitation makes me wet, I make him put them on and lie on her bed staring at her picture forcing him to masturbate to her. I laugh listening to you desperately beat your cock struggling to get it hard enough to get a bit of cum to defile your own daughters panties. Of course if you fail, it will mean that your ruined, career gone, wife gone, family gone, but if you do succeed, you have just gotten yourself in much deeper. When your home from work your pretty little girl home from school, a package will be delivered with your teenage little girls name on the box. It listed as a admirer from school, she takes it into her room and opens it, you cant but help to wonder if Mistress has filled it with contents that would ruin you. You ask her during your perfect family dinner what was in the box she says “oh nothing dad, don’t worry about it.” Next time we speak i inform you that I shipped a big black vibrating dildo to your daughter, and that its been about a week that she has probably came all over it. Your shocked I make you retrieve it from her bedroom and suck it clean, you sob like a little bitch just before placing it into your mouth while I laugh.

Mistress Raven

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Hardcore Domination Phonesex

I love when I am asked what my limits and taboos are. I start where any other hardcore domme mistress ends.
One of my submissive phonesex assignments is seducing married men into going bareback and indulging in bug chasing fantasies. When I seduce you with my seductive voice into total depravity, you will be unable to resist my sickest twisted commands.
I have a very sweet married man who can’t resist the lure of bug chasing. This hardcore domination mistress introduced him to the practice of going bareback with a tranny escort that he suspected was hiv positive. When he hits the pipe, all he can think of is that dirty cum shooting up his tight white man cunt, tranny tits against his back, while his twisted mistress watches, knowin that hell bring hme a nasty surprise for that tight white cunt of a wife.
Ready for total hardcore domination with a truly evil mistress?

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Male Slavery Phone Sex with Marlow

female supremacy phone sex

Be a slave to Marlow’s pussy

You are such a weak man…Oops, I can’t really call you a “man” without laughing a little bit. You’re nothing but a weak boy, ruled by My glorious pussy power. That’s the way it is with all males…they’re ruled by those insignificant dangling bits of skin hanging down between their legs. It certainly sucks to be you, but that’s why Female Supremacy is so natural…so easy for you to get on board with.

Deep down…maybe not so deep down…you know that you need to worship a Goddess like Me. You know you’re nothing but a slave and you yearn to find someone who gets off on male slavery. Oh, ye of little intelligence, believe Me, I do. I AM supreme over your stupid and pathetic self. And you…you are My newest slave…my newest acquisition. It’s time for your training, so let’s start RIGHT NOW!


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April 3, 2013   No Comments

Objectification Phone Sex with Marlow

Do you want to know what gets me off? Well, so many things, especially when I’m the dominant one. But something that really tickles my honey pot is using men as objects. Objectification can be using a sub as a piece of furniture, sitting on him or resting my feet on him. He’s dehumanized and I don’t think of him as something that has feelings – just like a piece of furniture doesn’t have any emotions.

Another fun objectification role play is treating a slave like animal, i.e., pet play. Having him totally naked and leashed and collared, then walking him around outside – too funny! Making him go pee and poop in the backyard – priceless! I’ve done that with a few of my real time submissives, and it always cracks me up, especially when they have to try to hunch over like dogs just to take a shit. HAHAHAHA!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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March 27, 2013   No Comments

Psychotic GFE Phone Sex with Glory

small penis humiliation phone sex

Psycho GFE phone sex with Glory

Don’t get me wrong, sugar, I luv me some sweet, lusty and caring GFE phone sex, but sometimes I got a cold sadistic cruel streak inside me that’s just itchin’ to come out. Just the other day I let it out full force when one of my callers asked if I could be a psychotic girlfriend who goes ballistic when her boyfriend breaks up with her.

Oh hell no! No one is ever gonna break up with me!! And I made sure that ingrate of a boyfriend would change his mind and be mine forever. He’s now locked away in a little box where he’ll never leave me. EVER! ‘Course no one knows where he is, but that only makes him ALL MINE! FOR FUCKING EVER~!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
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March 22, 2013   No Comments

Castration Phone Sex with Marlow

Ah, the perils of having your sex organs on the outside – i.e., the perils of being the weaker sex. And since you’re so weak, it’s my job to keep you in an inferior position. Mm, I think that means I’ll castrate you! I’ll cut off those icky balls and that jerk stick – the things that make you so inferior.

Oh, but if you think somehow during our castration phone sex fantasy that I’ll think you’re not so inferior because you don’t have your dangly bits anymore, think again! I will ALWAYS consider you inferior, and I’ll wave the jar preserved and filled with your cock and balls to show you who is in charge: ME! It’ll be a constant reminder of what a pathetic piece of trash you are that you have such fucked up twisted castration fantasies and I’LL LAUGH RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as I wave your cock and balls in front of you. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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March 20, 2013   No Comments

Scat and Toilet Fetish Phone Sex with Marlow

I’m laughing my royal ass off! I just got off the phone with a sick and twisted guy who wanted scat and toilet fetish phone sex. He wanted me to instruct him on how to play with his shit, which he just delivered onto a plate as he called me. LOLOL! Now talk about hitting the ground running! He was totally ready for our sick and very dirrrrrty play.

I fucking love it when a loser plays with his shit for me! I told him to take one of his turds and pretend it was a tube of lipstick – you know, so he could get some brown lips for a shit eating grin. LOLOL! I instructed him on plenty of other twisted and gross things, but I won’t spoil the fun for those of you who have scat fantasies and playing with your shit. You’ll just have to give me a call soon and find out what gross things I’ll make you do with it!


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March 17, 2013   No Comments

Femdom Phone Sex with Marlow

dildo training and strapon play phone sex

I just got off the phone with a caller who wanted me to rape his very prudish wife. Oh hell yeah! I get off on controlling both men and women, especially if they’re very close-minded.

In my femdom phone sex call, I tied up the prudish wife and raped her with a huge strapon and whatever I could find in the house – be it wooden spoon, cucumber, banana, flashlight, etc. Then I shoved something up her ass and made her lick my pussy. By the time I was through with her, she’ll be licking pussy like a pro and be so opened up that she’ll be begging for more wild and raunchy insertions!


1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

February 28, 2013   No Comments