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Femboy, tiny penis phone sex

I just got the hottest call. A guy who was into femboys with small dicks, wanted to talk to me and have e pretend to be a femboy while he molested and fucked me. I really enjoyed the fantasy. Although this fantasy is new to me, I was so turned on by it. In the fantasy, I did a bit of age play and had a small tiny dick with long flowing blonde hair and small tits. My caller started off by touching me and then playing with my tiny cock, and ultimately fucking me in my tiny tight ass.

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Nylons and more Nylons!


I?ve always understood guys with a nylon fetish because I have a special affection for wearing stockings and pantyhose. I love how soft and smooth they feel, the way they brush together when I walk, and the way they drive some men wild with lust. When I take a nylon fetish call, like I did last week, I like to get into every little detail to thrill my caller. He wanted to hear about the entire process, starting with picking out my favorite pair for him and slowly pulling them up my legs while reveling in how good the soft material feels against my freshly shaved skin. I let him caress them too so he could live his fetishistic desires.


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Nerdy girl phone sex

whore phone sex

I?m not gonna lie, I?m a bit of a nerd. Super heroes are a big fetish for me. Maybe it?s the spandex costumes, the rippling muscles and the sexualized physiques. Or maybe it?s the idea of powerful men taking control of vulnerable women. Ha, I don?t know. But I do love doing playing out my super hero fantasies. I like pretending that I?m a super-heroine, and I?m sneaking into your hidden base to stop the nuclear launch. You?re the villain, whose genius level intellect is enhanced by mental telepathy giving you an advantage in subduing me. When I confront you, we fight savagely, and I succeed in stopping the launch, but not in fighting off your mental assault as you slowly probe the deepest recesses of my mind.

?I?ll never submit to you!? I call as you force me to my knees, taking control of my body.

?You won?t have to,? comes your voice, within my head, and in my ears simultaneously. ?When I take you, you?ll want it with every part of your being. You?re going to make an excellent slave.?

?Never!? I shout. But it?s too late. He is already dismantling my will to resist him, subverting my pride in my strength into submission to his. Amidst a flood of biochemicals, the sexual centers of my brain light up. My nipples harden. My pussy gushes with liquid. ?That?s a good girl. I will conquer your mind and your body. Your womb is open to my seed. You need me to feel complete.?

?Complete.? Was the only word that escaped my lips. All night long, I was his alone. His pulsing manhood thrust into my weeping cunt, over and over. My body hungered to be filled with his hot seed and he obliged more times than I could count. Let?s play out our super-hero fantasies together!


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Femdom Facesitting Phone Sex

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You know I have the perfect ass to smother your face with. One of the many ways to truly please your hot phone sex mistress is to entertain me with a little bit of facesitting. My ass worship slaves always get a reward but you better work for it. Obviously with an ass like this you’ll take anything I give you. Once you get a taste you won’t be able to say no. We both know know you’ll do anything to keep your fetish mistress happy.

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Age Play Phone Sex with a nasty tiny girl

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Oh Hi Daddy! I just knew you were going to call me tonight. If your wife asleep? Good! I?ve been waiting up for you and remembering something. I want to tell you about it. I was thinking about the first time we had sex together and how you hushed me by kissing my lips and whispering that I had to be quiet so we wouldn?t wake Mom. That was the night I wasn?t wearing panties, remember?! And Daddy, I remember how you started off being very gentle as you parted my still bare pussy and rubbed your cockhead against my clit. But then when you felt me getting wet, you just couldn?t stop yourself anymore and you shoved your cock all the way in! God, that hurt Daddy, but by the time you were really fucking me, it didn?t hurt. I liked it. I want to talk to you for a long time tonight, Daddy.


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Teen Incest Necrophilia Phone Sex

Freaky fucks… Time to come out and play something a little bit devious with your anything goes little slut.? Daddy has been huge influence into my love for extreme fetish fun.? It started out almost pretty innocent but then daddy just wanted to keep pushing my limits.? Seemed the more he talked me into, the more he wanted to dig deep.? Deep into what he could actually talk his baby girl into doing.? I was super young when it started.? My great grandpa had passed away.? We were early for the viewing and daddy told me I should give him a kiss goodbye.? I was scared to even look at a dead person but daddy picked me up and leaned me over the coffin pushing my face to poppi’s cheek.? I remember his face so hard and so cold.? I remember my eyes welling up with tears.? I wanted out of there so bad.

I didn’t realize exactly how early we were and that we were the only ones in the funeral home.? Daddy put me down and I ran to sit down.? He stayed there to be fixing poppi’s suit or something and then he called me back over there.? I stepped up onto the stool and my daddy had unzipped my great grandpas pants and pulled out his big hard cock.? Without a word he unzipped his own pants and pushed my head down over poppi’s dick.? He told me to lick it.? He told me to open my mouth like a good girl and forced my face down over that cold hard dick.? I choked, I gagged, I cried, I begged him to stop.? He finally did but only to ram his big fat daddy dick down my throat to unload all his sticky jizz in my belly.

That was just the beginning, call me of you want to hear more raw stories of what daddy and I do for fun.




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Pubic sex with a naughty teen

panty sniffing phone sex

This guy I had phone sex with wanted us to do a little role play. We were a couple in the back of an elevator. We started kissing and one thing led to another. He slipped his hand under my dress and into my tight, hot pussy and I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive, hard cock. We pleasured each other in an elevator full of people and I was so turned on, my juices started dripping down my thighs. He grabbed my hair by the back of my head and we both came, shaking and breathing heavily.



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Teenage creampie



It’s so taboo to have?unprotected sex and that?s precisely what makes it so fucking hot. Yesterday I took a call with a guy that wanted to cum inside me and I was instantly wet. I asked him to describe his cock to me and dreamed of it plunging into my slippery hole and fucking me hard. I couldn?t hold back my moans as I dreamed of him flipping me over and pushing into me from behind while his hands held my hips tight for hard thrusting. I needed every inch of that big cock, but more than that I needed the hot creampie he was going to fuck into me. When he was done I couldn?t help but masturbate using his cum as lube.

Creampie my teen cunt



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Anal gaping phone sex with Electra

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I love anal, it is one of my favorite types of sex. I am such an anal whore, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love having a big dick shoved up my ass and fucking me so hard I can barely take it. The bigger the dick the better. In fact if you want to try as stick 4 fingers in my ass and gape it, I would love that too. Call me for all your hot anal phone sex fantasies.


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November 20, 2014   No Comments

Big titty taboo fantasy

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I have huge tits, it’s no secret! I mean look at these things, they are HUGE balloons of fun balls waiting to be played with and touched and licked. But what if I went a step further? When It I took these big tits and made you worship them? Just worship them as being better than you are or ever could be. I am a queen with huge tits and you will worship them. After you are done worshiping them I will suffocate you with my huge tits before I allow you to cum.


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