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extreme anal slut enjoys the pain

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Hello all!
I am the new girl here Dimona and I got my first call and boy was it hot and dirty just like me! I got on my knees and thought he was going to fuck my pussy and come to find out he was planning on fucking my ass the whole time. He held me down and shoved it in, and I cried and screamed and begged him to stop. It was so hot, I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

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Daddy I Have A Pussy!


Daddy was always looking for a excuse to beat me, especially when mom was not around, it would be like 5 minutes after he left I would then expect a spanking. ?While he spanked me he would make me repeat that “All I am is a a young tight piece of pussy.” ?I would repeat it over and over again with sore red ass. ?He would come into my bathroom during bath time and would tell to make sure I wash my butthole and pussy because I was a dirty little slut. ?I sat down at the dinner table in my night grown, Mom asked like she always does if I washed my self and did I make sure to get everywhere, my bum, and “did you get the honey pot.” ?I said yes mom. ?Daddy than coughs and says “you know that’s not what its called you don’t have a honey pot, honey pots are for sweet good little girls. ?Tell your mother what you have between those legs.” ?I looked at my mother and said mom I dont have a honey pot I have a young tight pussy!” ?Daddy kept eating his dinner it went silent, as I looked down to my food back upto my mothers face she stare at me jaw dropped. ?She wiped her mouth calmly and walked around the table and Slapped my face so hard, and screamed not to talk like that. ?I told her it was true! I do have a young tight pussy! ?and all I am is a young tight piece of pussy! ?She slapped me over and over than sent me off to my room.

phone sex with Dimona


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extreme fetish and taboo UK toll free phone sex line with US girls

taboo teen phone sex

Want to talk about anything you want? ?But can’t find a good taboo and extreme line to call because you are from the UK? ?Well, now you have a line to call, toll free, where you can get a US taboo hottie on the line to talk real nasty to. ?I just got off the phone with a UK caller who loves age play, he wanted me to play a young virgin and he ravaged my body! ?He said that you can’t get phone sex like that in the UK, so call us and we will get you off!


0-808-101-2271 (UK fetish line 1.30 pm)

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Forced fantasy phone sex

dildo training with femdom

Hello there buddy. ?You snuck inside my window tonight huh? ?My god, should I be scared, or happy? ?I see that big throbbing dick inside your pants. ?I’m not going to lie, I love big dicks, but at the same time I have no idea what you are going to do to me, which makes me feel a little uneasy. ?I kick and fight and try to push you away, but you subdue me anyway and then the next thing I know is you are sticking your dick inside me and fucking me hard. ?You start with my tightest hole, my ass, and then move to my mouth so I can suck you off. Then last is my pussy so you can cum inside of me. ?After that you take off the ski mask you had on your face and you show me that you are that hot next door neighbor I have had a crush on for a while now. ?Well baby, you can come do that to me any day :).




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Dirty anal phone sex, let those muddy rivers flow!

anal phone sex


I had a wonderful call today with a new guy who was very shy. ?It took a lot to get him to talk about what he was into. ?First he wanted to talk about what I was into and the things I like to do. ?Once I told him, he was totally comfortable with discussing his fetish with me. ?It was a total turn on for him and I both. ?He told me he wanted me to have a shitty ass and to let him stick his dick and fuck my ass and then my pussy with his shitty dick. ?It was such a turn on.

Speak to you guys very soon!



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Extreme anal fisting with a hot phone sex girl

extreme fetishes


I have to admit that I love, and I mean LOVE anal sex! ?What I love more than anal sex is anal fisting and even though I can’t fist my ass yet, I can fit a lot in there. ?I could probably be fisted by a small woman’s hand, but right now when it comes to men, I can’t stick a man hand inside of me yet. ?They can get 4 fingers inside my ass and even double fuck me, with two dicks inside my ass. ?I get calls about anal fisting all the time and they are really hot, they turn me on like no other. ?If you have anal fisting fantasies whether it is me being fisted or you being fisted, please do call, I promise we will have a great time!



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Grandma loves it in the ass

grandma phone sex

Shhh don’t tell my kids, or my grand kids, but hot damn, grandma loves it in the ass! ?I love a nice hot young man around the age of 20-30 to come over and fuck this grandma tight ass. ?My asshole is always ready to be fucked, to have a nice big cock up my ass. ?I like a really big one stuffed up my asshole just like the guy I had on the phone a few days ago, his cock was so massive that I had a hard time taking it all, but you better believe I did! ?I took that entire dick up my ass, and I may have moaned and screamed like a real dirty whore, but damnit I took it! ?Proud moment? ?Maybe. ?But I can’t wait to do it again.




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Rose Bud Sex


I’m a huge fan of dirty anal sex, I like it the filthier the better, I know alot of girls like anal, its hard to pass up the idea of a guy putting his fuck stick in the dirtiest hole in your body and fucking it for pleasure. ?I not only like anal sex, I like dirty anal sex, messy anal sex, I love anal sex to the point where my butt hole falls out if you don’t know what that means I can tell you. ?Getting butt fucked to the point where I orgasmed so much that as a orgasm is being forced out of my butthole begins to gape and eventually it flips inside out, showing all the inner walls of my butthole. ?I looks very nasty and it feels incredible while its happening, eventually my butthole gets so loose and opened that I can place one hand on my ass cheek and rose bud my ass at will. ?Usually it requires two guys are more to fuck my ass long enough to get it to this point, but there is nothing fucking filthier that having one of my girlfriends with her reddish pink rose bud in my face while i suck on it and lick it.

1888 854 8836


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Scat Sex


Guys are always asking me what is it like to shit on a cock or have dirty nasty scat sex. ?I will try to explain it a bit of it in this blog, as I bend over and open my ass to shit all over your cock, my heart races, I get really anxious and tense. ?Sometimes so much so that I cant release anything, than there are those times when I relaxed and so horny that I push and it comes right out, the truth is that scat sex is fucking gross, its so nasty its the nasty’s kind of sex someone can do. ?As I shit more and more on your cock it becomes more nastier, its gross and nasty and it smells, that’s what makes it such a turn on, once I shit on your cock and let your cock fuck me covered in my shit, it becomes our dirty nasty smelly little secret. ?I want to shit all over your cock and in your mouth and all over your face.


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fetish teen domination phone sex

fetish phone sex


Stretch my ass out, really really far, and look inside, what do you see? ?A big pile of shit, waiting to blow all over your face! ?Well, you did call me for fetish domination now, didn’t you? ?I fact I remember you saying that you wanted and needed a hot girls shit all over you and to take advantage of you with my ass, you wanted to me my toilet slave didn’t you? ?Well now your going to get exactly what you want. ?I am going to crawl up on your face and shit in your face, fucking shit right in your face! ?While I am in the process of doing that, I am going to open up your own asshole and shove a big dildo right up in your fuck hole and fuck your tight little ass until you shit all over yourself.


The fetish princess!


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