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Hi I?m Zoe, I?m the girl you will think of when you first wake up, and the girl you will jack off to before you go to bed. I get told all the time how sweet I look and how kind I must be. No, not really, I?m pretty much a evil bitch. I?m the necessarily the evil bitch ?femdom? type, although I can play that character if you want me to. I?m pretty messed up in the head, not going to lie. But they say that fucked up girls make the best sex partners, and I haven?t had a guy displeased with me yet. I grew up in the most fucked up way you can imagine, and now here I am, assisting you with nasty, naughty, taboo role-plays. Exploiting these sick fantasies for both our pleasure. I will assist you in forcing sex on other girls, or maybe a fantasy kidnapping scene. I?m also a sick bitch. I?m a sick bitch who would absolutely love to do nasty and naughty role plays with you. There is almost nothing I love more than being an evil bitch to other people, forcing them to do things for you, or doing something really nasty and taboo. Some of my favorite things to do would be glory holes, cum eating, force fisting, forced anal, toilet play. I?m down for about anything you can think of except snuff :).

cum eating
force fisting
toilet play
anal training