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I know I look like such a prissy princess, the bitchy type that goes around talking about how hot she is or how good in bed she is. Well, I might look like that, but I am no where close. I am a complete closet whore! I do all the normal things that normal everyday girls do, no one knows how much of a perverted little slut I am but me. No one really knows how many times I open my legs a day to get fucked or my deepest kinkiest perverted fantasies! I love the dark fantasies, they get me off, and they make me even more of a perverted whore. Lets start off by saying that I have a boyfriend, not any normal, run of the mill boyfriend, nope, a boyfriend who loves to do the kinkiest shit to me. He shares me with his friends, watches me get gang banged at parties and drink cum. Makes me drink until I am incapacitated and then does what he wishes with me. He even likes to video tape me while I am in my most slutty moments, so I can watch it later. The other day, he bought me a pussy bullet toy...one of those really small vibrating toys that you stick up your cunt and control the settings on how fast it goes. He told me to wear it all day long. It was a Sunday and I had to go over to my parents house for a family dinner and I have multiple orgasms during dinner, I kept turning the vib up and then cumming my fucking brains out. By the time I got back to my apartment my boyfriend was waiting outside for me, and since I had always had this fascination with the kidnapping fetish, he decided to fulfill that for me. OMG, it was such a turn on, being tied up in the back my boy toys SUV, while he told me how badly he wanted to force himself on me and fuck me but first I had to prove myself enough of a whore for him. He had so many things to shove up my cunt like a plunger, a rubber fist, heat candles (not the ones that you light, just the ones that warm up so they feel good in your cunt), bottles. He even went around a college campus and got used condoms full of cum for me to use as lube. Oh fuck, I had such a great time that night!!! Call me for highly perverted phone sex and lets both get turned on! You can also buy sessions and listen to my hot boyfriend fuck the shit out of me, but you have to give me 24 hour notice

Highly taboo phone sex
Light pain/candles/sharp objects/nipple clamps
Forced sex
Fetish sex
Kidnaping FANTASY and assisting
Orgy and gangbangs
Forced intoxication-Mutual intoxication

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