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I know what your thinking it probably along the lines of what the fuck? It's because your scared like a little pussy, small men fear me and what I stand for. The freedom that I have, to do what ever I want when I want how I want. In fact I have so much freedom that I need yours, like a vampire that feeds off blood I am a creature that feeds to control little men puppets like yourself. I know your palms are sweating just knowing that I exist, wondering what I sound like, wondering what my pussy looks like? ah the wonder of small men puppets, it seems like all you small men do is wonder. I am that girl your parents don't want you associating let alone dating or fucking, and if they did find out they would disown you like the little man puppet you are, discarded once again. I like to control, from behind the scenes like a demon in a possession, I've always manipulated circumstances with no soul i am a puppet master. And although you might be lead to believe you have a special place in my heart, you are really just a toy, in my toy box. My urge to control came naturally like my tits and pussy. You could call me a natural born domme, a sadistic demon who enjoys watching you in pain instead of pleasure. Maybe even watching you cry and beg for mommy. Do you want mommy little puppet boy? Of course you do, especially after you talk to me.

I will rape you of all the dignity you have with my evil little mind. Sending you to my personal dungeon and doing things to you that I can't mention on this site. Things so filthy, so perverse, so horrible, that you would cry and beg for mercy just hearing about it. I want to hurt you and watch you in pain on the floor, all while begging for my affection. You won't get it, the most you will get is my boot up your ass. I enjoy stocking you and breaking in your home while you are sleeping, leaving little notes and letting you know that I am around and watching you. Be careful when you talk to me bitch.

Cum denial
Mental degrading
Verbal abuse
Infection fetishes

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