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Watching you bow down to me and submitting to my ways makes my mother fucking day. Go ahead kiss my toes, suck them because that's the only thing your filthy tongue is going to be touching. I watch you begging for my attention, on your knees, with your head bowed to my ever growing ego. I love it when you worship me, follow me like a little puppy dog, and give me everything you own for my enjoyment and my pleasure. Go ahead money pig, leave me tips and buy me gifts. Make sure they are worth my time to look at and use or else it's your ass on the line. Using you as my personal donkey, sissy slut, or CBT slave at my will. I know you enjoy your life controlled by mistress because mistress is your entire fucking life, and that's exactly why you worship me and give me everything. Yes, give me everything! I want it all! I want you to rack up your credit card and buy me everything I want. I hope you have a huge credit card limit! Fuck your wife, Fuck your job, Fuck your friends. Mistress is your goddess and she is the only one that matters. I will blackmail you, torture you, enslave you, dress you up, use you as my personal fuck toy, use you as my toilet, humiliate you, tie you up, pimp you out, take your money, use your cock as my personal pin cushion, and anything else you could ever think of. Give me a call and find out what I am all about.

Ass fucking
Extreme humiliation
Extreme financial domme
Sissy fag's
Fetish domme
Pleasure and pain

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