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Anyone care to know who Lilith was? She was supposedly the first eve, the woman who refused to submit to Adam and therefore being cast out. I guess you could say that I would never submit to a man. NEVER. They all submit to me. I have an evil side, a gothic side and I enjoy the darker side of life. I always have, I always will. I bite, I draw blood, I love bdsm, pain, torture tools such as ball weights and chastity devises. I basically experiment on you. I love to experiment on you, and using you for procedures. Opening up your dick hole and stretching it out as a procedure to let your cum flow out your cock head easier. You should actually thank me for doing that.

Taking control of you is very fun for me, I don't care whether you like it or not, really it does not matter. All that matters here is my pleasure and what I want. Maybe if you are lucky and I enjoyed our call I will blog about you, but you MUST earn that! I refuse to write about pathetic bitches that beg for my attention and beg for me to blog about them. Won't happen. I want to control every aspect of your life. That means what you eat, when you fuck your wife, when you can cum. You must ask for permission to cum and if you want to fuck your wife or girlfriend you must ask for permission. I love tips and guys with money, so make sure you get a credit card with a large fucking limit because I will not and refuse to accept anything less. I enjoy getting calls from stupid losers like you so I can humiliate and break you down.

Necessary Procedures
Medical Devices
Blood play
Human furniture

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