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Do you have hidden secrets? Dark corners in your mind that hold things you can share with no one? Well you just found your new confidant. My name is Miss Leah and I am here for some fetish therapy. Come, lay down on my couch and share it all. I want access to each corner and crevice of your mind. Let me in so I can explore what it is that has you so twisted and lost.
I will help you explore whatever haunts you from your distant past or not so distant. Taking your secrets and reinventing them through intensive role play is just what the doctor ordered.
Maybe someone did something to you and now you can’t stop thinking about it and masturbating to the memory, like mommy making you wear your sister’s clothes or a close family friend touching you. Maybe your little secret is something you made happen, like you forced yourself on a girl or were pet sitting for your girlfriend and got lonely.
Whatever your little secret, call me and tell me all about it.

Extreme Taboo Fetishes
Good Conversationalist
Extreme Role Play

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