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Hello worm, Bow down to your new mistress. Unlike some of these bitches who like to be pretend mistresses on the phone with you, and then go fuck their boyfriend at night, I am the real deal. I have a beautiful home, paid for by slave pigs like you, with a wonderful dungeon built downstairs by my lifestyle slaves. I do own slaves in real life, I am a lifestyle femdom, so this is not a "fantasy" or "fetish" for me, this is my life. It it my duty to treat filth like you like nasty cum filled sex toys. I use you for my sheer pleasure. You tell me what you are into and I will go from there, it is all about me! You will worship me as I degrade and humiliate you. You will drink my yellow urine. I may even shit on you, and you will STILL bow down to me! You will even thank me for torturing you. I love getting the strap on out, the big one?the one the size of my entire arm. I love working it inside your ass and fucking you really hard with it. You will love your time with me to much, I wouldn't be surprised if you extend your call, over and over. I am very addicting.

Corporal punishment
Severe anal punishment
Needles and whips
Cock kicking
Blue balls

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