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When it comes to fetish fucking and dressing up, I'm all in to that shit! I will get dressed up in my nurses outfit and get my nurse tools out, ready to work on you. Take out the thermometer and stick it up your ass, fucking your asshole while I take your temperature, maybe getting some shit on it. Uh oh! I can't put it back in my bag dirty like that, your going to have to clean it off, bad boy. Open your naughty little mouth and lick it clean. Next I will have to take my speculum out and open up that asshole of yours to see how dirty it is. Oh no, you nasty ass! Your asshole is dirty dirty dirty! This means that I am going to have to get the enema out and clean all that up. Shoving the enema in your ass and cleaning in out, just in time for the dildo to be taken out of my little nurses bag. Thats right naughty boy, my diagnosis says that you need a good ass fucking before you'll ever get better.

I also like to tie you up and slap your ass. Get you all in to BDSM while I am in a latex outfit with long gloves to smack that little ass of yours with. I might even get the whips out, along with my paddle. You have been a very naughty boy, haven't you? Oh yes. You have been so bad and you need to be punished. I enjoy punishing you, making you holler my name and enjoy it. Playfully sticking my latex finger up your ass and you loving every minute of it. Or my favorite thing to do to you, Prostate milking! I love milking you, and making you cum so hard that you can't come for days after a session with me.

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