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Hello sweetheart. I see you have found mommy, your mommy. The one who will run to your every whim and cuddle you to bed, change your diapers, and make you home made cookies with a nice big cup of milk to go with it. I'm your mommy, your extreme mommy for the best extreme MILF or AB/DL phone sex you have ever had. Mommy loves to cuddle her little AB's and watch them regress into little baby sissies or little baby bundles of joy! Mommy watches you grow up into a nice young little tot where mommy can teach you all about the pleasures of sex and the wonders of the world. I love to play with you in playtime, potty train you, and bring you all the pleasure of a hot curvy mommy to look at and dream about. Even though mommy is a nice mommy and she loves to give you everything you ask for, Mommy also believes in punishment. If I catch you with mommies panties, or looking at mommies "naughty" pictures that she takes of herself nude than I guess mommy will have no other choice than to punish you with the belt over my knee. Not only do I enjoy being a mommy, your mommy but I also enjoy being that extremely hot next door neighbor that you have fantasies about! I want all those extreme fantasies too, the ones where I fuck your brains out, tie you up, anything you want babe! This hot MILF never says no, I am up for it all.

Potty training
Sissy babies
Age regression
MILF roleplay
Anything extreme
I never say no
Hard sex

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