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When it comes down to it, I am just a sick freak. Anything dirty, taboo, sick or twisted, you better believe I have either tried it or am currently doing it. Some of my favorite things to do are animals, pet sex, farm animals, asphyxia, public masturbating, cum suffocation, cum eating, rape, assisted rape, and of course shit and piss. I decided to start doing the whole phone sex thing when I realized that there aren't many people out there who are into the same things I am into and that my sex life was practically non existent. I was annoyed and frustrated having to find ways to relieve myself sexually when there was barely anything out there to assist me in Cumming. See, I can't just go to pornhub or xvideos and watch some random porn and get off, I have to get really sick and dirty and taboo in order to cum hard. I know there are a lot of us out there, we are a sexual revolution and rare to find. I found myself looking something up on Google to see if I could find something to masturbate to, and ran across this phone sex site, I then immediately had to apply for a job lol. I was fascinated and intrigued with all the dirty girls on the site and their sick and/or twisted fantasies. I immediately had a place to fit in. Talk to you guys soon.

Forced fantasies
Fantasy rape
Assisted Fantasy rape
Golden showers
Foot fetish (stinky feet, rubbing shit all over my feet and giving you a blow job,)
blood play
Vampire, werewolf transformation type fantasies
cum eating

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