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I'm definitely a pervert. I know I am young but I would best describe myself as a whore and a pervert. I am 19 years old and the streets raised me. I was born in a white trash home and learned that doing nasty things got me more attention from mommy and daddy. One of my most favorite things would have to be K9, cum fetishes and fisting...especially If the girl doesn't want it. Like forced shit. Even though I am very willing to be the little whore you want me to be, our fantasy is way hotter if you fantasy force me to do it. I want to be used, abused and treated like fuck meat. Lock me up in a cage and feed me nothing but coke and dog cum. Shit on my face and force me to eat it until I puke. I also like other nasty things like asphyxia, being tied up, having no control, being a used little cum slut and daddies baby girl. I have absolutely NO limits, I talk about anything over the phone because I know it turns you and I both on! I like thinking about used holes getting fisted until they are so lose, their is no more use to them. Yep, I may be young but I have some wicked fantasies!

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