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Posts from — June 2014

Be a slave for my used pussy

I would love nothing more than to come home one night to you in bed jacking off. ?I have been out all night with the girls, having fun, drinking, and who know’s what else. ?It turns you on knowing that I am the hot one in our relationship, your ugly a little fat, unattractive. ?You know I am cheating on you, it’s totally obvious. ?Tonight I am still drunk as hell when I get home, so I tell you about all the cock I fucked in the bathroom bareback. ?No condom. ?I let them cum in me and my pussy is dripping wet with cum. ?Other men’s cum. ?You get turned on and you have me spread my legs, I shove your face inbetween and have you lick me up, clean me up and get me off. ?I cum in your mouth right as you jack off into the bed sheets. ?And that is about all your ever going to get from me from here on.






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Be a slave to Marlow’s pussy

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Curvy goddess ready to fuck you up with my feet

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I can’t wait to shove my cute painted toes right in your face while I karate kick you in the mouth. ?Your going to sit there on your bitch ass knees and take it too. ?Your not going to say one fucking word either, you understand me bitch? ?God I can’t wait to karate kick you right in the mouth and fuck you up so bad that maybe I kick some teeth out of your fat piggie mouth. ?Then take the bat and finish you off while you cum in my panties.



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Super taboo roleplay with a nasty girl

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Nasty girl here, looking to play tonight and have some fun with all you boys out there! ?So guess what kind of call I just got a few minutes ago, like I literally just got off the phone. ?It was a caller I haven’t talked to in ages! ?and I mean ages lol! ?T from the big boy city of NY! ?I haven’t talked to him in forever but I definitely had fun talking to him today. ?We always have interesting calls, I love to talk about K9 and he loves to talk about K9, it ends up being a great call!




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I’ve got a nasty story to tell about Stinky panties


I have a caller that I have been talking to for, god, like years now! ?Him and I are definitely two pea’s in a pod! ?We enjoy the same shit, talk about the same shit, get off on the same shit. ?Every time he calls I tell him how long it has been since I washed my stinky cunt, I tell him how smelly it is, and how dirty my panties are, he gets so turned on during our call, that he usually cums 3-4 times. ?I love talking to him, we get really really detailed in our fantasies and I even sometimes bring in other girls for us to cunt investigate…meaning together, he and I investigate other woman’s smelly nasty infected drainy cunts. ?Lots of fun!



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Extreme foot fetish with the fetish queen

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You called at exactly the right time, I just got home from the gym. I not only have stinky feet but they are very sweaty and I could just peel my socks right off. I take these hot stinky feet and I put them in your face, I mash my socks up against your mouth and make you kiss them, worship them even, I know you enjoy that shit, it turns you on and makes you fucking hard as hell! You take your hard dick, in your hand, and you rub it on my feet so your cock smells like my feet. Oh god are you about ready to cum baby? Holly cow you are! MMMM cum all over my feet! All over my pretty little polished toes and stinky feet.


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The girl next door with a surprise!

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I may look innocent and sweet. I may have these big eye’s and wear cute clothes. I may have just graduated high school and just turned 18…I am the girl next door and you have a big crush on me. The thing is that I know you have a crush on me, so I am always teasing you, and doing things to bring you to your knees. The other day my hot cheerleader best friend and I were making out on the lawn in out bathing suits. I had baby oil all over me and was sun kissed and cute. You want my body so bad, so why don’t you take it? You wait for me outside one night, knowing that I have a big summer party to go to. I come outside and you ambush me, and tell me that you are fucking me whether I want it or not. I am a bit bitchy to you and say, “It’s about time, I have been teasing you for long enough.” then I giggle lol. That makes you even more angry doesn’t you?! Knowing I have been teasing you for so long. You pull my skirt up, stick your cock in my pussy, and fuck me for a good while, then I take your dick out of me and turn around, pushing you to the ground and I ride your dick long and hard until your about to cum. I take your cock out and say “no no no, I’m not on birth contol, if you want to cum inside of me, it’ll have to be inside my ass.” you look stunned and surprised that I am such a whore. I stick your dick in my ass, reverse cowgirl style and you cum inside me. I then get up, pull my panties back on and get in my car with cum leaking out onto my leg, I tell you bye, and I leave! Until next time baby muuuaaahhh :).



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Extreme Diaper lover with a fetish teen



Hiya guys! I love talking to fellow diaper lovers! I got into the trend a couple years ago. I had surgery and some random stuff happened, and my bladder wasn’t the same, so I had to start wearing diapers in my teen years. It was horrible, if you can imagine. Being a teenager, very popular, knowing I couldn’t go to sleepovers or do things other girls my age were doing. I even sometimes had to wear them out if I was going to be away from a toilet for to long, I was so worried about being caught. Then as I got older it turned me on, I started masturbating in the diapers when they were wet, and even going to the store with my diapers on and letting people see I had them on. I love the fetish and love talking to other people (especially men) who love the fetish as well! I hope to talk to a few of you soon.



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Dirty anal phone sex

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Why hello there fellow anal lover! ?I’m Ariana and I am the nastiest, dirtiest, naughtiest, most taboo phone sex girl you will ever meet. ?I love the nasty nasty lol. ?Give me the perverse and all the shit talk, all the dirty anal, and all the guys who love that sort of shit. ?I really enjoy calls where I get get anal sex, and even though it gets dirty with shit and piss, you still keep fucking me and maybe it even turns you on to have me shit and piss on you. ?Give me a call for all your nasty calls.



June 2, 2014   No Comments

I love extreme fetish

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Hey what’s up peeps? ?Kourtney here with some really nasty nasty talk! ?I got a call tonight, a few hours ago actually, and it was so incredibly fetish-y I had to come talk about it here! ?He had this fantasy about a girl in the middle of a room sitting on a lazy boy chair with a mask on and a straw through the mask so she could breathe, but the mask was full of cum like one of those Japanese porno’s and her legs where up in the air and her pussy wide open so literally hundreds of men could blow a load inside of her while she was masturbating. ?I played that girl for him and it was a real turn on for him and I both.



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