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Posts from — December 2013

Glory Hole Cocksuckers Phonesex

Glory Hole Phone Sex
The glory hole cocksuckers are out in force lately!
As you all know, I am always ready to get hardcore, perverted and extreme.
There is just something that is so freaky hot about a secret cocksucker, don’t you agree?
Especially when there’s a forced bi mistress in your ear directing your forced bi cocksucking humiliation.
One of my favorite glory hole sluts was able to sneak away from wifey and the kids and take a much needed mouthfull of cock.
That’s it, give away all your control to your forced bi mistress, how good it feels to indulge me in your freaky fetish.
Feel me at your shoulder, my hands on your head, as that big black cock slides into your mouth.
Ready for your trip to the glory hole?

1-888-844-2921 USA callers
1-866-727-HOTT (4688) Phone sex 10 bucks

December 26, 2013   No Comments

extreme foot fetish phone sex

I would love nothing more than to go out for a run, a entire week, every single day, wearing the same socks every time I go out so that they get super stinky…and by super stinky, I mean both my socks and my feet lol!  I then can’t wait to take my stinky ass feet and toes and smush them right into your face, sticking my pinky toe inside your nose and getting your nose nice and stinky too lol!  You do like my smelly feet don’t you?  I am going to rub my feet all over your face and even all over your cock, giving you the smelliest foot job you have ever had.



December 2, 2013   No Comments