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Posts from — February 2012

Ass stretching and gaping with no taboo phone sex slut

Do you ever have fantasies of your lover going through some ass stretching and gaping?  Most chicks wonâ??t, but I will.  You know Iâ??m your dream lover, and Iâ??m game for whatever youâ??re up for.  Wanna put something really big inside my ass, stretching it out so much you swear itâ??s gonna snap like an over stretched rubber band?  Then come on, lover, fill up my ass and let me play online blackjack for cash gasp and catch my breath.  Waitâ?¦waitâ?¦let me get used to this feeling, and then I want you to fuck my pussy with that ass stretching going on.  Then when weâ??re through fucking, take that big thing outta my ass and letâ??s see the gaping.  Get the digital camera for me, okay, and take pictures of my big ass gaping.  Then weâ??ll fuck again because weâ??re so turned on!


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Extreme fetish bdsm phone sex with 18 yo teen Shelby

I love bdsm phone sex, especially where I play an extreme submissive slut getting tied up, gagging on cock, and enduring hard and rough sex.  My master ties me up and wants me to prove just how much of an extreme submissive slut I am.  Always eager to please, I beg him to let me prove it to him.  He brings in a few of his friends and they do some extreme Online Blackjack face fucking on me.  Iâ??m gagging all over on cock â?? my masterâ??s and his friends.  All the while Iâ??m deepthroating and gagging on one cock at a time, Iâ??m enduring some hard and rough sex.  Fast and furious they fuck me, and I donâ??t make any protests.  I proved to my master and his friends that Iâ??m an extreme submissive slut, and Iâ??ll willingly do whatever they ask of me.


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Extreme Fetish Phone Sex with Toilet Mistress Maya

Toilet slaves are so easy to manipulate.
Forced bi slaves come in one of two flavors.
The reluctant secret slave on the down low who must pretend that his love for cock is something he only does to please his toilet mistress.
And the ones who have given up all pretense, and embrace their inner fag.
Let me show you how to please and serve your one and only Mistress.
It’s quite easy, faggot.
Hang sheet up for bedroom gloryhole.
Get on your knees.
See heather thomas pokies big thick cocks slide through holes.
Big cock glistening with pre-cum, tantalizingly close.
Open wide.
What, you think it’s all about you?
It’s all about this extreme fetish Mistress.
You suck that cock.
For you to get your semen fix, you need to prove that devotion.
This extreme fetish phone sex mistress is above you, squatting, my vile pussy pissing into your mouth while you lick the dirty shitty cum out my gaping asshole.
Fetish Phonesex with Vile Mistress Maya
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Anything taboo and extreme for this little phone sex slut.

Most of my callers know that Iâ??m into extremes.  Extreme taboo, extreme humiliation, extreme everything.  Iâ??m also a cum slut, so when one of my callers suggested extreme cum eating, you know I was salivating at the chance to prove it.  So I became a girl eating 50 guys cum at a party, all the while getting gang banged.  Just before they were ready to cum, theyâ??d pull out of my ass or pussy and then free pokie online stuff their cocks into my mouth and down my throat.  I gagged and sucked down every one, and soon they were jizzing down my throat.  I felt all that male snot oozing down my throat, even when my pussy and ass were getting fucked hard.  Usually Iâ??m hungry after a good gang bang, but eating 50 guys cum made me full â?? lol!  Maybe I should go back for seconds when I get hungry again.


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Shemale infection fantasy phone sex with fetish taboo slut Roxy

Iâ??ve done all kinds of shemale fantasy phone sex role plays and thought I had heard it all.  Then I get this call where a guy wants a shemale infection fantasy.  Huh?  Well, itâ??s like this.  The guy sleeps with me without any condom and doesnâ??t know if I have AIDS or not.  Itâ??s like playing Russian roulette with sex, only shemale infection fantasy style!  After we fucked, I turned the light on, and the guy could see that I had some soreson my skin and that I looked pretty emaciated.  He accused me of having AIDS and how dare I turn tricks when Iâ??m infected.  I just laughed and told him he was the one who was so horny for me and couldnâ??t even bother to purchase some condoms.  So fuck you and fuck yeahâ?¦maybe you got more than an orgasm with this shemale.  Maybe you got AIDSâ?¦and maybe you didnâ??t.  The question is:  do you feel lucky?


Roxy the fetish specialist!


February 22, 2012   No Comments

Emo fetish phone sex whore Echo loves tease and denial

Tease and denial is so much fun lol!  I’ll be honest here, I don’t get many calls like that, but when I do, it is so much fun feeling in control!  Like today for example, I got a call from R.  R told me that he was in his late 40’s, married, and had a daughter who just turned 19.  He said that he loved watching his daughters friends come over and pick her up for parties, dressed in their mini skirts, heels, and see through shirts with no bra’s on.  He said he would fuck his wife no teletrack payday loans, and imagine being with one of his daughters friends.  Having her strip for him, taking off all her clothes, rubbing her pussy right on his leg, while his cock got hard, and he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it!  She would wear bobby socks, tennis shoes, a cheer leading outfit, with no bra, and a see though shirt.  What a dirty dirty man, R is!  I took that fantasy and made it even more extrme, so extreme and taboo, that I can’t even talk about it!  Call me, if you would like details :).


February 13, 2012   No Comments

Extreme fisting phone sex slut Roxy enjoys the company of older perverted men

Hey Pervert,

you looking for a whore to abuse and use?  Well, I’m your bitch!  I wan’t to be fucked, used, fisted, prostituted out, whored, and managled!  I like fetish phone sex to the extreme!  Don’t forget anal, shit, k9, golden showers, and all that other bs!  I love it, I live it.  So many other girls talk about how much they love all this fetish walsenburg payday loan stuff, and when you talk to them on the phone, they hesitate, they don’t know how to do your fantasy correctly.  I have been doing this for 5 years for a reason ;), and that reason is because I am hella fucking good!  I not only talk about it, I actually do it in real life and I LOVE IT!


Roxy, the super whore.


February 13, 2012   No Comments

Extreme Phone Sex with Mistress Maya

My drippy dragon is hungry for sissy ass, faggot.
Don’t pretend your greedy ass isn’t aching to be stretched to the limits by this cruel seductress.
Some men go willingly to their knees before this extreme fetish mistress, some go through the pretense of needing to be forced to bend over and what is the cheapest payday loan offer their ass to my drippy dragon, but what you all have in common is that you all submit and love getting ass fucked.
Hard cock invading your sissy ass makes you tremble like the little anal virgin you wish you were, faggot.
Submit to Mistress Maya
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February 7, 2012   No Comments