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Posts from — January 2012

Banging Beasty Boys

Looking for a huge knot?  If so, you are in the right place. My dogs are well trained and perform on my command! I have a few that are very aggressive, perfect if you like being dominated by a dog.  I guarantee their cum is hot and will fill you with ecstasy, don’t waste my payday loan legislation time if your not up for taking it hard and fast.  I love watching sissy-fucks like you getting down on all four waiting to be ravished!  It excites me more than you know.  If your up for turning the tables, even better!  I love getting fucked by doggie-meat! Where are my Beasty-Boys?


Autumn 1-888-844-2921

January 30, 2012   No Comments

Caramel’s Scat Kat

Scat Boys where you at? I had a really big dinner and Iâ??m ready to drop a long, thick , brownie log! Who wants to lay on their back and play catch?  I like tease you, making?my shit peak in and out of my tight anus.  If a mushy, hot and sticky heaven is what youâ??re seeking call me.  It doesnâ??t get any??BROWNER than Caramel! Lick it up!



January 30, 2012   No Comments

Virgin Cunt Seeks Fisting

I have always had a desire to feel you plunging deep in my love ho with your strong fists!  I am laying back on my chaise lounge with my legs behind my head, yes gymnastics came in handy!  I’m wide open and waiting for?you to enter me raw! I want to feel you knuckle violating my sweet virgin untainted pussy.  Make me bleed baby Don’t hold back, give it to me long , hard and slow! I look forward to feeling every little tear. 1-888-844-2921



January 22, 2012   No Comments

Teegan Tells True Tales

Last night I have an intense phone call! I role played meeting a Master on a Bestiality message Board.  We had lunch to discuss my introduction to the Animal Kingdom.  I was sopping wet 10 minutes into the call.  The thought of a fast, flickering tongue lapping at my clit overcame me, among other things. I would love to tell you what my introduction consisted of.  I have a problem though, now I cannot stay off the internet seeking a real Master.  I posted an add in the classifieds that reads� Virgin Pussy Seeks a Knot�! Please call me so I can knot with your furry.  I will be waiting Master, cll me. 1-888-844-2921



January 22, 2012   No Comments

Vile Scat Phonesex Mistress

Golden showers are fucking hot, but just not enough for your jaded shit licking self.
Twisted, perverted, shit swallowing toilet slaves are what I seek.
Get right where you belong, under this scat fetish phonesex mistress and look up into my perfect asshole.
Seeing asshole stretch over Levitra that shit poking out my shitter makes your cock ache and mouth water.
Smelling, tasting, swallowing my period shits as I turn you into my own personal toilet.
Taboo human toilet play phonesex with a vile, depraved, absolutely anything goes Mistress.
1 888 854 8836

January 8, 2012   No Comments