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Posts from — October 2011

Don’t mess with this bitch mistress, I’ll blackmail your phone sex lovin’ ass!

Long story short, I’ll get directly to the point here since I hate taking time out of my very busy day to write you faggots.  I got a very long 4 hour call today from D, ya D, he knows who the fuck he is!  I told him I was going to write this blog just for him!  Tonight I blackmailed D’s ass hardcore!  I fucking got him higher than a kite, made him drink vodka strait from the bottle, tie his balls up, clamp his nipples and much more while I not only took pictures of it, but recorded it.  I even sent the pictures to him while we Electronic Cigarette were on the phone to prove to him I was going to blackmail is dumb ass.  I got him so fucked up he gave me everything!  His work name and number, his gf’s info, EVEN hs facebook log in and pass.  In the end I told him he was either going to sign a contract for me or I would post all the naughty pics I had of him on his FB, of course he did it.  The call ended with me forcing him to jack off and eat his own cum.

Hope you assholes liked my post, that will be the last one for a while.


October 31, 2011   No Comments

Large cock, huge cream pie, and impregnating teen phone sex fantasy


Whats up taboo phone sex fans?  It’s Katy, your barely legal 18 year old hottie with a tiny cute little body!  O M GEEE…I got a super hot call this morning, I totally masturbated to it and came!  This guy called who likes young girls like me, he asked me if I was a little whore who liked to smoking everywhere electronic cigarettes turn dirty old men on…Of course I said yes!!  So he continuted to tell me about his neighbors daughter who just turned 19 and how she looked so young and tight and innocent like me, he tole me his darkest fantsasy about her, to taboo to talk about on here so call me for the details lol.


October 28, 2011   No Comments

Taboo bbw phone sex slut Electra fucks your raw dick

Hell there, I’m Electra and I am a nasty little whore!  I LOVE raw dick inside me, no condom, no birth control!  Filly my nasty bbw cunt with your big load of cum and then let me sit on Online Blackjack your fucking face while it leeks out and you to lick and suck.  My bbw cunt loves big dick, as long as it is raw, I want a piece of it!  Impregnate me with your huge cock!


October 26, 2011   No Comments

Cunt plunging phone sex with the extreme and kinky phone sex mistress Marlow

Hello faggots, Marlow here.

I had a great call last night with one of my regular subbie sluts.  He has this fantasy about me being his real life mistress, and abusing his wife in front of him while he not only enjoys it but masturbates as well.  Last night I had the most excellent idea of tying his whore of a wife up in a chair that spread her legs wide open, then tying her hands behind her back in the chair, and tying her legs to the sturrups, putting a gag in her mouth, and making Online Blackjack my little sub masturbate over his wife so she has no option but to watch.  I then took a plunger and plunged her cunt so hard, and for hours, until it was as pussy and as big as the plunger cup.  Then I forced my subbie to stick broom sticks in her cunt to see how many would fit, while some random street guy gaged his wifes face until she puked all over herself.

I’m not just a bitch mistress for you worthless men but also for the useless women in our lives as well!


October 25, 2011   No Comments

Extreme tease and denial phonesex

You want me to play with that cock don’t you!  Oh I’m going to play with it alright…mmm hmmm.  I’m going to tease the fuck outta you, cock control baby!  I’m going to control that dick like a mother fucker!  I will play with it, jack it off, get all dressed up and force you to masturbate to me Live Sex, then when your about ready to cum I will handcuff you to the bed and fucking mess with ya!  I will play with you until you balls turn blue, then play some more until your balls turn purple.  LOL.  Makes me laugh and giggle when I see your balls the color of christmas lights haha!



October 24, 2011   No Comments

Filthy Phone Sex With Dirty, Sweaty Isabella


I know your secret.  You don’t get off on lotion, clean panties, butterflies or fucking rainbows.  Oh no, you are so sick and perverted that you literally like it DIRTY.  You like my panties, bra and socks to reek of my body odor.  You like me to work out and sweat for a week straight, never washing my body or hair, in anticipation of our next sick fuck session.  You’ll use your tongue to bathe my body cash payday loans, enjoying the tangy taste and scent of my stinking body.  I am so pungent you can smell me from across the room, and the scent is like an aphrodisiac  to you.  No one else knows how bad you need my sick, twisted brand of sex, but I promise you’ll be addicted to every smell and taste I have to offer before you know it.  So give me a call…if you can handle it!


1 888 854-8836

October 24, 2011   No Comments

Sick Vile Succubus Phone Sex With Evil Demon Bianca


You are walking all alone on a road at night, and suddenly a beautiful and terrible demon goddess plunges out of the sky.  It’s me and I’m hungry for male semen and souls.  I am a succubus, with wide wings, fangs, and sharp claws.  I grab you in my clutches, flying high above the earth.  My tail slashes at your helpless body, and as I dangle you hundreds of Payday Loan feet in the air, I give you a choice.  Submit, fuck me and lose your soul forever and become my minion slave.  Or of course, I could just drop you…. We both know you cannot fight my beauty or my power, and I’ll eat your soul and drain your cock.  Give in, it may be painful…but trust me my weak and vulnerable prey, it’s worth it.


1 888 854-8836

October 24, 2011   No Comments

Filthy Accomplice Phone Sex With Dirty Caroline

I don’t play nice, I like it nasty, twisted and extreme.  Why just the other day I had a caller who could rise to my level of perversion.  We decided to kidnap a cute little girl scout and have our way with her, using her body in sick ways to bring us both pleasure.  She cried and moaned so pitifully but that just made my cunt payday loans credit check drip and his cock twitch.  From the first cruel twist of her nipples, to pissing right in her face, to using her holes till they were raw, we had hours of the most vile fun you can imagine.  Some of the details are even to extreme to mention, unless of course you give me a call and we get even nastier!

Accomplice Caroline

1 888 854-8836

October 24, 2011   No Comments

Lick my dirty filthy stinking rotten asshole, fetish phone sex!

Taboo phone sex at it’s best!  Fuck ya!  I love taking shits in the toilet for weeks and not wiping my ass, not taking baths, and just stinking up the entire house with pissy, shitty smells that turn the both of us on!  Panties the size of moutians in the corner with cum and shit stains, smelling up my entire room mmmm!  Lets take advantage of this stinkyness and fuck around Payday Loan a little, aye?  So I’ll squat over your face, lower my ass over your face, and spread wide the fuck open!  Then let you lick it all night long like a cat licking water.  Just lick it baby, suck my ass, let me rosebud it so you can suck the filthy little creampies out of my asshole.  Mmmm I’m nasty baby!  Call me for nasty and crude phone sex!


October 23, 2011   No Comments

Extreme taboo phone sex with a tiny teen

Bend me over, spread me open, and fuck every inch of that tiny virgin teen pussy!  I love role playing that I am just this tiny teen in the neighborhood, kinda dumb and ditsy, wears things a bit to tight and to short.  I totally catch you watching me all the time!  Then maybe one day I am out in the backyard of my house when my dog gets lose and oh no!!!  She’s in your yard now!!  go over there to get her and there you are with a girl I know from the neighborhood, your there with party favors, and invite me to ome play with you.  I’m a bit scared but after you give me some of that shit your doing I’m totally down to chill out with you.  The next thing I know, 15 minutes later I am on my back losing my cherry.

I would love to talk to you!


October 22, 2011   No Comments