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Posts from — September 2011

New Girls and extremely hot, taboo phone sex!

You came to this site looking for the extreme, the perverse, the fucking filthy…Well ya got it!  Now what are you going to do?  Call?  Mmmm that’s right, call and talk to one of our new, extremely filthy taboo hotties tonight for the extreme in phone sex!  Here are a few of our new gals:


Ember, the naughty little bitch with a dark side.  This taboo bitch loves to play rough.  Her name “Ember” like a burning ember, suites her well!  She’ll light you the fuck up in a heart beat and beat that little ass of yours while tied up to a dog kennel.  She does Dom/Sub switch, likes both aspects of the dom and sub world.  Her specialties include taboo age play, suffocation, incest, forced role plays, and accomplice play.  This spunky bitch is nice and curvy, perfect for you bbw lovers!  Get ready to get wild with you call this bad girl!

(She is currently taking calls but her profile is unavailable at the moment due to relaunching the website, it will be up by the middle of next week)



Electra is another one of our BBW, huge natural titties taboo play slut.  She loves the extreme, loves the pain, gagging, extreme oral, toilet play, tit torture, abuse, needles, and much much more!  She  Is about as taboo as it  gets.  When you call to talk to Electra be warned that Electra is a bit on the psychotic side, she loves pain, and if you have her put needles through her huge tits, that is exactly what she is going to do WHILE LAUGHING and begging for HGH more!  She loves to be abused, treated like a gutter slut, and put in her place.  Watch out for this snappy bitch though, because even though she enjoys to be abused she also enjoys sharing the pain with others with accomplice play.

(Profile not up yet, but will be soon!  She is currently taking calls!)



This grandma, aka GILF (Gran I would like to fuck) is in her 60’s.  She enjoys everything taboo and can get a bit rough at times, so watch out for her leather belt!  She enjoys jacking young boys off, introducing them to the perverse side of filthy sex, tying you down and preforming CBT, humiliation for young boys who enjoy sniffing panties, and any other extreme mommy/son or granny role play you might have.  Caroline is known around here as the “Cock punisher” and the “Mean mommy”, guys that call her are for sure in for a wicked treat!

(Profile soon to be done, after the complete website makeover is finished next week, until then Caroline aka mean mommy aka cock punisher is taking calls)



Maya is the evil cunt your mommy warned you about!  She’s about as wicked and evil as they come.  Being that she has an incredible amount of anger pent up in that petite body of hers, she is waiting and ready to fuck you the hell up.  She is extremely dominant, and will not hesitate what so ever to hurt and abuse you while humiliating you to no avail.  You will fall in love with this evil bitch, become addicted, and call for more abuse!


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Extreme Scat Phone Sex: From My Ass To Your Mouth


You’ve been waiting for a delicious chocolate treat from a hot girl like me.  I can just tell by looking at you that you are the kind of sick fucker who gets off on the taste, smell and feel of gooey hot shit.  Well, it’s your lucky day because I get off on scat play just as much as you, and I can think of all kinds of things to do with increase semen volume pill really work that hot dessert I’m baking for you hehe!

So why don’t you brew up some nice hot dirty shit of your own we can play with and rub all over ourselves.  You can stick your cock in my nasty shit filled ass and get it right from the source, and baby that is only the beginning!

Call Isabella for the most vile and extreme scat phone sex out there!

1 888 854-8836

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Milf phone sex for the extreme ab/dl lovers!

Howâ??s this for a hot milf phone sex role play.  Iâ??m a milf who catches a young man â?? you â?? smelling my panties and punishes him by making him dress up in diapers.  I got off a call just like that â?? in more ways than one!  I was so turned on catching a young man smelling my panties, knowing that he desired me so much that he had to sneak in, find some of my panties in the dirty clothes hamper, and then breathe in my lusty milf essence.  But I just canâ??t let vigrx rip off you get away with that, so I take some pictures of you before you find out that Iâ??m watching you.  In order to prevent me from putting those pictures on the â??net, I punish you by stripping you and making you put on some diapers.  I treat you like the misbehaving baby brat you are, ruled by your instincts.  Waaah waaaah.  But donâ??t worry, lil boy, Iâ??m not a totally mean mommy.  Iâ??ll rub the front of your diapers while I breast feed you.  I know mommyâ??s boy would love that!



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Marlow for sissy phone sex…only for the perverse and taboo fuckers!

Iâ??m coaching a sissy during our phone sex calls into transforming herself into the best femme she can be.  Sheâ??s not just doing it for our phone sex scenarios as many of my feminization callers do.  Instead, sheâ??s a sissy who wants to be â?? and is able to be – transformed into a girl from head to toe.  That means hormone therapy, boob enhancements, and some lip and cheek cosmetic surgery.  Iâ??m also thinking of some permanent tattoos around her eyes vigrx plus pictures around so it looks like she always has eye liner on.  Lip tattooing would be a great idea, too, so that she always has slightly pink or reddish lips.  I canâ??t wait to see this sissyâ??s transformation.  Sheâ??s sending me lots of pics and the hormones look like theyâ??re working already with her little titties forming.  I think weâ??re a great team, with her taking care of the physical while I help her with her girlie behavior.


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bdsm punishment taboo phone sex with Bambi

Many of you whoâ??ve called me up for bdsm phone sex know that Iâ??m a girl who loves to be tied up and punished.  Some of that punishment comes in the way of rough sex, and I do mean ROUGH SEX!  Not just a little slap and pinch here and there, I want it raw and rough.  I want it so rough that my pussy, ass, and mouth feel all chapped and raw.  Drill, baby, drill when it comes to my love holes because vimax online semenax nice site thank you Iâ??m a girl who wants to be used and abused.  It makes me feel loved.  Yeah itâ??s weird to most of you peeps, but those of us who are bdsm fans can relate. 

Pull my hair, pinch my nipples, jam things up my ass while youâ??re drilling my cock fast and deep, pour hot wax over me, I donâ??t care.  Just tie me up and rough me up so I can get off in a big way when we have sex.



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Extreme Phone Sex Loser Abuser Bianca Needs Victims

Hey loser.  Yes, you, who the fuck else would I be yelling at?  You are worthless, you are loser scum, and you need the abuse that I dole out so perfectly.  Everything and everyone on earth is better then you.  You fucking know you are lowly dirt, and that your only place is groveling at my feet, licking the day’s grime from my stiletto heeled shoes.

You need abuse?  Well of course you do but guess what fucker hcg diet testimonials, it’s not about you and it never has been.  It’s all fucking about ME!  I need some pond scum like you to vent my frustrations upon, to beat, torture, and humiliate at every turn.  I use such tools as small cock humiliation, anal stretching, cbt, and financial abuse to get that satisfaction we both crave.  So line up and bend over bitch boy, you know you need it as bad as me!

Evil Bitch Bianca

1 888 854-8836

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Extreme Filthy Pussy Phone Sex

Looking at me, you know how I love to work out, especially in preparation for smelly pussy phone sex.
You come home, and I haven’t showered for days, those close fitting panties I wear day after day keeping that smelly pissy pussy smell trapped against my fishyvile phone sex  pussy, and making that shitty asshole reek.
Sweaty, dripping, smelly, vile, filthy, taboo, fishy  pussy.
I spread my smelly pissy panty shorts all over the place great puffies and pokies, radiators, door knobs, heating vents, so you get a whiff of the strong odor of my pissy pussy.
I know what the smell and taste of my pissy fishy smelly panties does to you, and am going to force you to lick first my smelly panties, then my fishy pussy, and my shitty asshole,  totally clean.

And make you beg for more smelly panty phonesex.

Call 1 888 854 8836

Beg for Chelsea.


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Extreme Phone Sex Whore Needs Your Tit Torture Expertise

Look at this bounty of tit meat for you to torture!  Doesn’t a big tit bimbo like me deserve to be tortured and abused for your amusement?  Oh yes and let me tell you I may scream and cry and beg you to stop, but secretly I’ll be loving every moment of your extreme cruelty.  I’m such a pain nipple pokies slut.  Give me needles, hot metal skewers, ropes and bondage.   I want it all and I don’t want you to pussy out.  Clothspins are fine…for foreplay!

You’ve finally found a vile, masochistic little big tit blonde whore for every disgusting and bloody fantasy you’ve ever dreamed up.  So use me and use me rough!


1 888 997-7477

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Filthy Mature Phone Sex Slut Caroline Wants Your Cock


You know you’ve always been curious.  Maybe in school your Mom had a hot friend you lusted after, maybe you wanted to fuck your teachers or a neighbor, or for you really filthy boys maybe you even wanted to fuck Mommy or Auntie.  Well, I’m a hot mature piece of ass here to do the sickest and Pokies nastiest things you’ve been craving.  Don’t hold back and don’t be shy, unless you want me to take the lead and fuck your brains out!

So if you want a real woman to show you the ropes, give nasty Miss Caroline a call for the sickest extreme fetishes imaginable!

Caroline, your mature  phone sex whore

1 888 854-8836

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