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Posts from — August 2011

Nasty No Limits Toilet Play Phone Sex

Hey filthy fetish phone sex pervs! Hayleigh here, your favorite big tit party girl phone sex slut! Maybe someone as bubbly and blonde as me looks like they would only be into lipgloss and shopping and petting puppies and that’s good and all but personally I love crazy kinky wild nasty extreme fetishes and no limits phone sex turns me the fuck on! The kinkiest fetishes I find myself getting totally wet to are toilet play phone sex Online Pokies. Scat fetishes, golden showers, toilet servitude and wild nasty brown lunch orgies for the dirtiest of the dirty! I’d totally love to hear your sickest fantasy and I’ll tell you a bit of the real life experience I’ve had with golden showers, torture, toilet boxes, forced wetting, messy fucking! Mmm, don’t be shy! I’m not! Now lets fuck…nasty, filthy and with no taboos ever! Call me for some hot kinky hardcore phone sex. Any fetish welcomed!



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Vile K9 Phone Sex Roleplay With Kourtney


I had the hottest call the other day and had to share!  Oh my fucking god this guy is so dirty, just the way I love it!  I was a bad little girl looking through Mommy’s closet, and I found the nastiest pictures ever!  I called Uncle S to help me make sense of it all!

When Uncle S came over he showed me that Mommy was actually getting pleasure from the family dog live web sex chat.  Oh my goodness but my dirty girl pussy started dripping at the thought.  Uncle S got me down on all fours and our doggie started licking my pretty young pussy.  I knew it was the best feeling ever!  Uncle S sure liked watching me get licked, but he wanted more.

Can you imagine what happened when that doggy cock slid inside my virgin cunt?  I’d love to share with you….

Kinky Kourtney

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Filthy Ageplay Phone Sex With Nasty Young Isabella


Oh my god you know you want to pick up a little girl like me and use and abuse me.  Maybe you can get me after school and take me to your house.  You’ll promise me yummy candy and cute puppies, but that’s not what you’ll have in store.  Oh no you want to pop my little pure cherry all over your dirty old man dick don’t you?  You want to be the one to force me to become your filthy little fuckdoll.  Maybe you can introduce me into the wonderful world of cock Payday Loan sucking, making me take it till I gag and nearly faint, only to take it out and start all over again.

But the best part is going to be when you tear open that virgin cunt and asshole of mine.  So sweet, so tight, so pure and so very vulnerable in your sadistic hands.  Thinking of the different ways you can abuse me makes my sick and twisted mind reel and my pussy juices drip.

So call me bad man and give me the ageplay phone fuck we both need!


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Extreme Filthy Taboo Fetish Phonesex

Greetings, filthy fetish cunts.
One of my femdom whore slaves has been trying to buy his way out of the doghouse.
After being on a diet of birth control pills and dog piss, my forced sissification phonesex want to be cunt, had finally started to slim down his fat masculine refrigerator shape and grow some big juicy tits, as well.
Femdom whore slave cunt had the nerve to try to masturbate at the sight of his sissy transformation phone sex progression, and that will never do, not with this extreme femdom domina.
Into the Kali bracelet went that filthy fetish cunt.
The other option was castration, and same day payday loans as my femdom whore slave is chomping at the bit to have his nasty small faggot bits flayed and removed, that was too easy for this extreme femdom domina.
As of today, he may get his wish, to serve this extreme femdom mistress as an eunach, because the Kali bracelet and his constant filthy hard ons are causing his little bits to wither and blacken.
He has been begging for release and trying to buy his way out of extreme fetish chastity.
I do enjoy causing filthy fetish cunts extreme pain.
And am always accepting new filthy fetish slave cunts.
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Vile Abduction and Accomplice Phone Sex With Cruel Caroline


Mmmm I had the most vile and filthy phone sex call with a very sexy guy and slutty young Miranda the other day.  My husband and I were outside of our beach home shopping for some tight teen pussy to use and fuck.  Little Miranda ambled over, innocent,young and trusting as could be.  I immediately gave her a cool pin colada, after all it was a hot day!  She seemed to like it and started giggling and laughing with us.

Well it didn’t take my husband and I long to convince teeny tiny little Miranda to come home and play and have some more drinks, as we easily led her away from the beach and safety.  Back at home I just might compare payday loan have slipped something in young Miranda’s drink to make her a little more open to our advances.

My husband and I wasted no time making Miranda take her swimsuit off, showing her how to suck a cock, and making her pleasure my husband.  But we wanted more.  So my husband threw Miranda down onto the floor and fucked her, popping her cherry and making her cry so hard.  After he’d ravaged her and had his way, we made sweet love to the erotic sounds of Miranda crying in the background.  It was the hottest fuck I’d ever had!

I just can’t wait till I talk to my husband again so we can abduct and abuse another unsuspecting little teen!


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Jade is your Cheap Phone Sex K9 Whore

Bend me over and fuck my holes any of them. I was built for sex and for fucking and Ill take any dick, human and otherwise.

I love the feeling when a guy gets done pounding my ass and I feel his furry friends breath on my ass cheaks wanting a turn. I can have dicks going in?and out of me all night long and I’ll never get tired of it! Cum on baby fill me up and have rover take his turn at any of my holes. All you have to do is promise to make me cum and to give me yours and your K9 friends.

Im ready and waiting.

Fuckslut Jade


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Young girl fantasy taboo phone sex with a hot and tight slut

Hey daddy, or Unkie hee hee, what ever you want to be!  Maybe my next door neighbor or the hired contracter who has came in to fix my mommy and daddies house :).

I have this really young, untouched, tight pussy that needs to be touched by a real man like you.  I know you have been dying to touch me and play with me.  You watch me every day hanging out with friends, hanging out with my cousins, wearing those short jean skirts and the tops that barely cover my belly botton.  My mommy hates it when I wear these “Nasty slut clothes” as she likes to call them lol!   But I wear them just to turn on guys like you!

Call me, touch me, fuck me for the first time!


August 16, 2011   No Comments

The bitch is here! Extreme taboo cuckolding phone sex at it’s worst!

Hello I’m reese and if we haven’t talked yet, I’m sure we soon will!  Especially if your a tiny cocked loser with a pathetic cuckolding fantasy.  Guys like you disgust me with your patheticly small dicks.  Probably driving some truck around town, thinking your a big shot, but in the bedroom your about as good as a hot dog being thrown in a hallway lol.  You fucking twat!

I would love to be your cuckolding girlfriend who stopped fucking you for the last couple months.  Your cock is just way to small!  I decide to start going out with the girls, and I do.  One night I bring a guy home, and your actually kinda turned on by it because you know your a small dicked loser, you secretly want to be humiliated and reated like garbage.  I’m going to force you to watch me suck his dick, fuck him, moan and scream with him.  He’s got such a big dick, so much bigger than you!  After, your on clean up duty.  So suck his dick, you dumb little twat, once your done, I’ve got a soaking wet pussy that needs to be cleaned too.

Talk to you soon asshat!

August 16, 2011   No Comments

Extreme Phone Sex Orchiectomy Castration With Bianca

Do you want to give the ultimate gift to your superior and worthy goddess?  You do, don’t you?  You want to allow me to take your very manhood away from you, leaving you with an empty and useless sack.  Oh and I want it, i want your balls literally mounted in a trophy case on my wall.  That’s the kind of sick bitch I am you see.

I think you need a little fucking push don’t you?  Yes a nice drugged drink finds you falling peacefully to sleep.  When you awaken you’re strapped to my?operating table, a rough slab of wood located deep in the woods, where no one will your your fucking pathetic screams.

I stroke your cock to get it hard, one last torment, as I bring out my surgical tools to slice open your balls.  Imagine the total helplessness and rush you’ll feel as I snip them out, with no anesthesia of course.  You are a worthless loser, you deserve to suffer for me.  And you will.  So come walk on the wild side of pain and suffering….if you dare!

Evil Bitch Bianca

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August 5, 2011   No Comments

Gaping cunt phone sex with disguting taboo phone sex whore Roxy

I got this one pussy gaping phone sex call that was pretty cool.  Iâ??ve done some medical fetish phone sex calls before where Iâ??m in stirrups and a speculum is inserted and we role play like that, but this one didnâ??t have the medical, sterile type of environment.  Instead, we role played that I was extremely flexible and could spread my legs really wide, which made for some awesome pussy gaping.  We pulled my pussy lips wide apart and stuck a sturdy paper towel roll in my cunt.  Then he could look inside with a flash light and tellme all about what he saw.  I even played with my clit so he could see my pussy walls contracting when I had an orgasm.  It was awesome.  Heâ??s going to call again and weâ??ll do some more pussy gaping play.  Next time will be with a speculum because, letâ??s face it, even though itâ??s all sterile and medical, thereâ??s no better way of opening a pussy wide open so someone can see inside.  Makes me want to buy one and play with it, just to see what my pussy looks like inside.

Roxy, the open pussy whore!


August 1, 2011   No Comments