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Posts from — July 2011

Gaging and choking on huge dick with your fetish fantasy phone sex hottie Teegan!

I love love LOVE cock gagging and choking.  I think most women find it demeaning, but not me.  I do pride myself on being able to deepthroat and sometimes I wish I wasnâ??t so good at it.  So sometimes I situate that hard manmeat in such a way down my throat or in my mouth so that Iâ??ll start choking and gagging.  I get really turned on when the tears start flowing out of my eyes as Iâ??m gagging.  Some of my fake volume pills lovers donâ??t understand it, and they apologize for fucking my face too excitedly, but I always tell them that itâ??s okay.  The rougher the face fucking, the better for me because I have a cock gagging and choking fetish.  Most of them are okay about it and they really skull fuck me.  Those are the best face fucks ever!  Want to hear me choke and gag on my big dildo?  Then call me now and letâ??s pretend that youâ??re skull fucking me.

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Vile K9 Phonesex With Sick and Twisted Kourtney

Manâ??s best friend can be womanâ??s best cum teehee.  I love getting fucked by a big mean furball that wants to ravage my pussy with his shiny red cock.  Yummm and sucking him and getting him nice and hard is a dream cum true too!  I am such an insatiable little fuckslut that I need it rough, hard and all the time.  I tire most men VigRX out after an hour or two, but when they bring their four legged friend over, they get an unexpected show from this little blonde skank.  So what do you think, wanna see me fuck and suck a K9 cock?  Iâ??d love to show you all my tricks to treat your faithful friend. Give me a call so I can!


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Filthy Taboo Toilet Play Phone Sex With Isabella


Last week I had a hot sexy piss and scat call.  We did everything and got each other so fucking dirty, I could not keep my hand off my pussy thinking about all the nasty twisted shit we didâ?¦.literally.  I started by getting a rough anal fuck, making sure to shit on that cock and get it nice and filthy.  Then I had my partner in perversion fuck my pussy, so I could piss all over that hot VigRX shitty cock and make a nice muddy mess.  But of course messes must be cleaned up.  And I love licking a dirty cock till itâ??s clean and starting all over again.  So that is exactly what I did.  After that we quit with the foreplay and got really nastyâ?¦.wanna hear about it?  Or maybe youâ??d rather create a wet and wild adventure of our own?  Either way give me a call for the sickest phone sex around!


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