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Posts from — June 2011

Abigail Is a Filthy extreme phone sex Anal Sex Cum Slut

Oh my god I just canâ??t help it!  I know I always beg for a big thick cock in my tight little asshole, but I simply crave being fucked and stretched in all the right ways.  I love to start by sucking your big thick cock down into my petite little mouth, letting you use my face just like a pussy.  Thatâ??s right you semenax ultimate male potency donâ??t have to be gentle.  I like it wild and nasty.  After I lube that cock up with my mouth and tongue, I want you to push me down on my hands and knees, and spread open my ass cheeks.  Mmmmm do you like that tight hot little asshole?  Imagine how your thick cock head will feel sliding insideâ?¦â?¦I canâ??t wait!



June 24, 2011   No Comments

Taboo Cum Bath Phone Sex Time with Glory

Did you know that cum is good for your skin? Ive been addicted to cum and getting cum on me ever since the first time a man blew his load on me.

I never want to stop having guys filling my tight injections hcg pussy with their cum or spraying my big tits with their load. If I could take a bath in cum I totally would, Iâ??m just that much of a cumslut.

Cum fill me up baby  and cover me with your cum!


June 23, 2011   No Comments

Marlow fucks your face up with some hardcore cock sucking, extreme phone sex at it’s best!

Losers, open wide for some forced cocksucking phone sex with me.  I wonâ??t take no for an answer.  You called me up for some forced cocksucking phone sex, so you better quit yer bitchinâ?? and open up.  Iâ??m not going to try to comfort you and tell you â??Oh, itâ??s okay if youâ??re just curious, I understand.  Instead, just lick my strapon.â?Â  LOL!  Apparently you donâ??t know me very well.  Iâ??m not a warm and fussy feeling femdom.  Iâ??m very firm and very dominant when it comes to any kind of femdom role play pokies through shirts.  So, like I said, get down on your knees in front of my boyfriend and open wide.  Heâ??s going to face fuck you until you gag and tears are running down your cheeks.  If you complain too much, Iâ??m going to ream your ass with my big foot long strapon.  So I think it behooves you to get on your knees right now and be a good cock sucking faggot.  We can call it forced, but I know different.  You really want this, and you canâ??t hide that fact from me.  LOL!



June 4, 2011   No Comments

Fetish toilet slut Roxy licks your dirty fuck hole!

Hey what’s up all you perverted little fucking freaks?  This is Roxy, your favorite fetish little cum dumpster and toilet whore! Do you have a scat or piss fetish, then youâ??re going to love toilet play phone sex with me.  Since Iâ??m a switch, it doesnâ??t matter to me if Iâ??m the toilet or you are!  In fact, Iâ??ve done both in real life.  I had some guy shit on me and then piss on it and me, making a totally gross mess.  Being used in such Pokies a humiliating way really turned me on, as much as it turns me on pissing and shitting on a submissive.  I even enjoy shitting and pissing in a guyâ??s mouth, too.  Wow, talk about the ultimate in toilet play humiliation, huh?  So if you have a scat or piss fetish, then you need to call me up for some toilet play because Iâ??m not the least bit squicked out by it or your fetish.  Come on, letâ??s get totally raunchy and dirty together!



June 3, 2011   No Comments