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Posts from — October 2010

Isabella Loves Smoking Fetish Phone Sex! Queen Of The Smoky Blowjob!

I am such a little fetish freak!  I love doing anything nasty and taboo.  So although Iâ??m not a regular smoker, I do adore lighting up now and again to fulfill a sexy fantasy or two.  One of my favorite things to do is give a hot smoky blowjob to a nicely hung stud!

I start by getting on my knees and pulling your cock out.  You are already hard in anticipation.  I light up a long slim cigaretteand blow a puff of smoke around your hard dick before I begin sucking and licking it.  On my next inhale, I breathe in deep, taking in all that smoky goodness.  I hold it in and take your cock in my mouth, letting you feel the hot steamy smoke in my mouth.  Doesnâ??t that sound like one of the best blowjobs youâ??ve ever had?

What should we do next?  Call me up and Iâ??m sure weâ??ll think of something.

October 11, 2010   No Comments

Eat My Shit Piggy! Extreme taboo Scat Phone Sex With Bianca

You fucking worthless, pathetic loser.  You donâ??t deserve this body, this perfectly hot and gorgeous pussy is way out of your league.  You shouldnâ??t be allowed to breathe the same air as I do, you sorry ass excuse of a â??manâ?.  So you know what, I want to punish you for even living in my world.

Iâ??m going to use you as my personal toilet.  You will eat whatever comes out of my body and you will fucking love it HGH.  And you will thank me for the honor of allowing you to consume even the waste made by my perfect body.

Open your fucking mouth as I press my ass down upon your face.  Oh did you think I was gonna piss on you?  No, I have more worthy slaves to drink my golden nectar.  You are at the bottom of the barrel, fit only to eat my muddy and delicious shit.  Open wide fucker, here it  comes!



October 11, 2010   No Comments