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Posts from — January 2009

Sissy training phone sex

You might not know your a sissy yet, but you are!  Your a little slut whore waiting to be transformed with my sissy training.  I just had JW whom I renamed Jessica just graduate my sissy training school, shes such a nasty little whore because I made her that way!  I made her my nasty whore!  I had all of her holes fucked by raw dick with our roleplay phone sex calls while she moaned with cock in her mouth on the other end.

Fuck your pussy ass, fuck your pussy face, all you are is just 2 pussies for me to fill.  humiliation phone sex and sissy phone sex from mistress!


January 22, 2009   No Comments

Calling my little mommy friend for taboo phone sex

Hello Mommy,

I just love it when you call.  We talk about so much taboo stuff, in fact it is so taboo that I am not even allowed to talk about it on the blog…so shhh don’t worry I wont tell anyone how we play.  I just love to watch you get all dressed up in your lingerie, getting ready to play with me and all my friends.  You look so much like a mommy when you put your stockings and heels on, and we all love mommies milk!

I hope to talk to you soon mommy!

Dimona 1-888-844-2921

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strap on phone sex with a nasty whore

I’m new, but I am not acutally on this site.  If you go to http://www.thephonesexauthority.com you can find me.  My name is Quinn and I’m the nastiest slut fuck you will ever know!  Fuck me from sun up to sun down, as long as I have a cock in my cunt I’m happy as fuck.  My favorite thing to do to my boyfriend to get him going crazy for my pussy, is I clean the house in a tight little mini skirt with a dildo hanging out of one cum filled fuck hole and a butt plug hanging out of the other cum filled fuck hole.

Feed me your cum, force me to fuck you, tie me down, do what you want with any fucking hole I HAVE!!  I’m one nasty little slut whore and I’m ready for your cock, or any cock for that matter…hee hee you figure it out!

Quinn @ 1-888-844-2921 http://www.thephonesexauthority.com/quinn.htm  Can’t wait for you to fill my fuckin’ mouth up.

January 22, 2009   No Comments

Fetish phone sex with mommy dearest

Usually I am a nice mommy, the type of mommy you see that watches her little man, takes care of you
holds you, cuddles you…but then sometimes I am a mean fetish mommy where I take my AB
or a man of any type and I fuck you with mommies big black strap on, and then leave you
alone in the back yard where mommy sells your tight ass for her own enjoyment!
I love anything that includes fetish phone sex and domination…

Mommy Jacqulin at 1-888-844-2921

January 22, 2009   No Comments