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Posts from — December 2008

Forced To Eat My Pussy

Whats better than having your pussy eaten? forcing someone to eat your pussy thats what.  I have a cousin of mine a miss goodie 2 shoes i happen to have ran across some dirt on her, and i thought it was time to take out the trash.  Tall blonde baby blue eyes tight little body and a really nice mouth, ive always wanted to ef the hell out of her and never gott the oppurtunity.  I could see right threw her goodie goodie that little whore, whoring is in our family gene pool, my mother is a slut weather she likes to admit it or not and the rest of my family all sluts, me being the biggiest of them all openly whoring myself.  Blackmailing other family members to fuck me is a bit of a hobby i have.  This little slut has been begging for me to get her for so many years, acting the way she does dress like a slut infront of me hahahaha the stupid cunt hole.  and last weekend i finally got her, her brother whom ive been fucking let me in on some dirty laundry of hers.  He had been secretly recording her on hidden cam watching her piss and shit beating off to it, Recently he noticed a recent addition to her 18 yr old pussy or should i say right above it.  A TATTOO!!! not only INK but a CLIT PIERCING!!  what a fucking slut i dont even have a clit piercing, I knew i had that whore than I always knew she was a fuckin whore.  I made my male cousin give me the footage he forced me to make a deal, he told me he would give it to me if i let him record her eating me out.  A EXCELLENT IDEA! i could use that tape to blackmail her some more, I made her eat me and it was the hardiest orgasm ive gotten in along time, she hatted every minute of it, i even squirted all over her face. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  With the dirt i have on her this whore is going to be forced to be my sex slave.  hahahaha yummy yum yum.


email: scarlet@extremefetishs.com
calls me: 1888 854 8836
fuck me: https://extremefetishs.com/scarlet

December 19, 2008   No Comments

blackmail fetish phone sex

Blackmail phone sex is a lot of fun, but when you mix the extreme with it, makes it a lot more fun lol!  You know I’m a sick little freak.  Sick fucking freak.  Makes it even better that I am only 18 AND a sick freak.  This 18 year old wants to blackmail you to do all that sick phone sex shit, that I love so much.  Throw up in a fucking bowl and make you jack off to it, make you eat my shit, or piss all over your fucking face.


December 10, 2008   No Comments

extreme shit and piss phone sex

See those 2 hole there right in your fucking face?  With one I am going to shit all over your face and smear it right in, and with the other I am going to piss in your mouth and make you drink it all down.  Oh hell ya babe, you know you love the smell and taste of my warm piss right down the hatch.


December 9, 2008   No Comments

Stalking and kidnap phone sex fetish

I am such a sick little whore and this sick little whore has sick fucking fantasies!  Whenever I masturbate while I am alone in my dark apartment, I think of some perverted guy druging me in a club and taking me to smoe alley behind a bar.  Mmmm, I think about him tying me up to the trashcan and making me his personal cum dumpster whore!  Letting everything from the alley dog to the homeless guy fuck the hell outta me.  Then when the bar closes for the night, letting me be the goodnight gift for every guy who walks out of the bar.

Fantasy phone sex is so much fun, isn’t it?

You can get me at 1-888-844-2921, Teegan

December 4, 2008   No Comments

cock smashing phone sex

It’s Marlow bitch, better get the fuck down and bow to the very sight of my fuckin’ cunt.

I’m here to talk about my disgust for your small prick dick.  I can’t fuckin’ stand small dicks.  I can’t stand them and I don’t fucking have to!  I’m such a perfect mistress and the fact that your small little dicklette is sticking out while we talk on the phone PISSES me the fuck off!  I wan’t you to get a hammer out, thats right, get a mother fucking hammer out…RIGHT NOW!!  I want you to smash your dick, and then stick whats left in the blender.  HAHA, oh I am so evil!  I’m going to brainwash you into torturing your dick, and your going to enjoy it.

I will speak with you soon piggie!!
Marlow 1*888*854*8836

December 4, 2008   No Comments

extreme fetish phone sex domina

This site is so extreme and all about taboos that no one else talks about, thats why guys like you love calling here so much.  I get so many extreme phone sex calls that I can’t even talk about on the blog.  The phone sex calls are so extreme and so taboo taboo taboo that we can’t discuss them on the blog…shhhhh.  It’s alright though!  I want you to call me and tell me all your naughty little sick fantasies, I want to hear your perverse little stories..I want to act them out with extreme phone sex.


December 2, 2008   No Comments

conjointment fantasy-extreme fetish phone sex

I love conjointment fantasies.  Haven’t heard of them?  Thats a damb shame.  Yesterday I had the hottest conjointment fantasy phone sex call.  It was suh a hardcore bdsm type phone sex call.  I was a doctor and I preformed surgery on two girls, one a goth girl, and the other a paris hilton type girl.  I conjoined them by their tits and their stomach, using fire and sewing thread so they couldn’t get apart.  Then I watched as the horror set in and they faught to get apart, clawing at each other, completely horrified by what was going on.

I love fetish phone sex!!  1 888 854 8836 Scarlet

December 2, 2008   No Comments

castration fetish phone sex

I want to cut your dick off…why not?  It’s fuckkin useless anyway.  That small dangling little piece of shit is really nothing but pinky finger hanging from your balls.  You can’t to any damage with that.  So why don’t you let me sit you down and slyly get into your brain and make you think that you HAVE to have it cut off!  Completely cut off.  No more nub, no more balls.  Just take the sheers or the knife and cut that little nub off…Bobbit style baby!

Call me for the extreme stuff…I love it  1-888-844-2921

December 2, 2008   No Comments