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Posts from — November 2008

beastiality phone sex

Of course I am the fetish whore of all fetish whores and I LOVE my beastiality phone sex!  Some of you out there have no idea what it’s like to have a four legged friend fuck you or for you to suck it’s cock.  Mmm I personally love it when mine mounts me and fucks me so hard with his big cock.  I also love farm animals!  Anything with a dick is fine with me!  Thats why myself and my new caller get along so well, he loves the beastiality too!  I guess were just two peas in a pod!

Talk to you pervs very soon! ROXY 1*888*854*8836

Shit, Piss, and dick…Mmmm what’s your fetish?

November 15, 2008   No Comments